2014 Sochi Olympics: 6 Reasons Why You Should Root for Figure Skater Jason Brown
2014 Sochi Olympics: 6 Reasons Why You Should Root for Figure Skater Jason Brown
Eva Des Lauriers
Eva Des Lauriers
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
You may have heard about him after his second place performance at Figure Skating Nationals went viral or from his ponytail's twitter account. Either way, Jason Brown is one to watch. He went into the Winter Games with no expectation of winning a medal, but after earning a personal best score in the short program, he is now at the heels of major competitors like Patrick Chan from Canada and Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan. Here are all the reasons you should be rooting for him during his final event, Men's Free Skate, airing Friday, February 14.

1. Jason Brown Connects with the Audience Like No Other Skater.

In this performance that went viral with over 3 million views, the free skate program that he will perform Friday at the Olympics, he uplifted the crowd and skated his heart out. It will be so exciting to see him perform this on Olympic ice tonight after he already achieved a personal best score in the short program yesterday.

2. His Ponytail Has a Twitter Account.

Jason Brown Twitter
That's right. Not only is he bringing back the long-gone male ponytail to the world stage, but it already has an online following. @2014PonyPower has more that 2,500 followers and is sassy and hilarious speaking from the perspective of his ponytail. Some of the tweets include:

"I'm fabulous what can I say"

"Maybe if some of these skaters had some pony power their country would be placed higher in the team event so far #sorrynotsorry #ponypower

3. He Is a Supremely Sweet Guy.

In every interview he always seems like the nicest guy. He is respectful of his competitors and just so happy to be there. 

4. He Has Had the Same Coach Since He was Five-Years-Old.

Jason Brown Coach
While many skaters bounce around from coach to coach to find the right fit for them, Jason found the right coach from the start and they seem to have a great connection. 

5. He Skates to the Best Music.

During his short program, Jason Brown skated to Prince, wore a very Prince-like outfit and did a karate kick. He is all charm and I love it.

6. He Is a Phenomenal Skater.

While he does not yet posses the same huge jumps that his competitors do, he more than makes up for it with style. His technical ability and footwork are amazing as these are skills he has had to develop to get as many points as possible. He is also only 19 so we will sure see a lot more from him in the coming years. 

Jason Brown performs tonight, February 14, in the Men's Free Skate event during the primetime Olympic coverage starting at 8:00pm on NBC.

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