NYC Prep: Preview of Episode 6 "Guests of Guests"
NYC Prep: Preview of Episode 6 "Guests of Guests"
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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After an episode filled with humiliating moments, NYC Prep is ready to bounce back and celebrate Fashion Week in New York City! Buckle up because tons of drama is about to unfold as our NYC Prepsters get full access backstage and primo seats in the front row.

Last week on NYC Prep, everyone was talking about the future. Kelli decided to jumpstart her singing career by meeting with vocal coaches in the city; Taylor tried to juggle her love life with her grades and dance classes but, in the process, had a wardrobe malfunction; and Jessie sent out her resume to fashion designers and worked on the benefit for Operation Smile. After being rejected by Taylor, Sebastian tried his luck with school cutie Angel, whom he met at a party, while Camille tried to get involved with Jessie's charity in attempt increase her chances of getting into Harvard but ended up insulting the Queen Bee. As for PC, he landed a photography internship but ended up in front of the camera and out of his shirt.

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In the sixth episode of NYC Prep, PC gets into an argument with Jessie when he loses his killer seat at the Pamella Roland show. However, he manages to use other shows to impress his new pet project, Taylor. Meanwhile, at the Erin Featherston show, playboy Sebastian makes the moves on Kelli, who appears to have other things on her mind. Evidently, Kelli would rather rock out Fashion Week with her new celebrity stylist but Camille wonders if that's something Kelli really needs.

On the other hand, Jessie is ecstatic to learn that she has landed internships with top designers Charlotte Ronson and Carmen Marc Valvo. Of course the episode isn't complete without PC stirring up more trouble ---he brings an entourage into Carmen Marc Valvo's show and in the process, puts Jessie's hard-fought internship in jeopardy.

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