'Nikita' Recap: One Gained, One Lost
'Nikita' Recap: One Gained, One Lost
In tonight's episode, Nikita (Maggie Q) agrees to work with Amanda (Melinda Clarke) in order to save a life and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) makes a shocking discovery.

A Possible Future Uprising

Division agents are being murdered and Percy (Xander Berkeley) is behind it. When Nikita and co. find out about the murders, Michael (Shane West) realizes the connection between the victims and figures out who the next target will be. Nikita and Michael try to save the Division agent, but Percy's men are able to kidnap her. Percy then sets things up for the agent to "escape" so she will return to Division and tell her Division co-workers that Gogol is behind the murders. Amanda knows better, but her underlings are starting to question her leadership.

Yet Another Twist

Alex is still pretending to want control of Zetrov in order to get close to her mother again. Nikita cannot make a move against Amanda or Ari while Alex is still in the line of fire, but Alex says things are almost over. Later, Nikita sends Sean (Dillon Casey) to act as Alex's bodyguard and though Sean knows his first job is to protect Alex, he also wants to get his hands on a black box.

Alex is holding a press tour at her childhood home as a cover to find her mother and Sean thinks the black box might be there. Unfortunately, by the time Alex and Sean arrive, Semak has already moved Alex's mom out of the house. The black box is also out of sight, but Sean does manage to download Ari's hard drive while they are there. When Sean and Alex check out a file on the hard drive, they learn that Ari has a spy inside MI-6 and that spy is none other than Cassandra, the mother of Michael's son.

Lots of Double-Crosses

Knowing Percy is the threat to her agents, Amanda has to find someone outside of Division to track him down and she chooses to seek Nikita's help. Of course, Nikita has no interest in helping Amanda...until she learns that Amanda is holding (a very much alive) Ryan (Noah Bean) hostage. Despite Carla's objections, Nikita agrees to bring Percy to Amanda in exchange for Ryan.

Birkhoff (Aaron Stanford) works with the new Division technical genius to track down another missing Division agent Percy has just killed. Carla attempts to warn Percy that Nikita is coming for him, but Nikita and Michael wind up getting their hands on him. As Amanda prepares her people for a double-cross, Team Nikita does the same, knowing Amanda will never hold up her side of the bargain. Carla also throws a wrench in the works when she texts Roan the location she believes Percy is being held at.

Reunions and Losses

Nikita and Michael bring Percy to the agreed location and they make the trade for Ryan. Nikita is thrilled to be reunited with her friend, but her elation is short-lived when things go sideways. Though Team Nikita get away unscathed and Nikita takes out Percy's main Guardian, Percy manages to escape with Roan. But before he flees, Percy sways one of Amanda's people over to his side and he leaves the agent alive in the hopes that he will help Percy out in the future. Given all the problems Amanda is having with her people, the Division rebellion could happen any day now.

As the others are dealing with the exchange, Carla waits back at the safe-house with Birkhoff and realizes that something is wrong. Nikita lied to Carla about what they were doing with Percy because Nikita realized Carla was working with Percy. It turns out that there was no back-channel at Division and Team Nikita found Percy thanks to Carla's secret texts.

When Carla realizes the jig is up, she shoots up the safe house to destroy Birkhoff's equipment and Birkhoff accidentally shoots her in return. Carla manages to live long enough for Nikita to return and say a final goodbye. Carla dies still insisting that Division can be used for good and Nikita is proof of that.

Megan Cole
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