'Nikita' Recap: Money and Payback Go Hand-In-Hand
'Nikita' Recap: Money and Payback Go Hand-In-Hand
In tonight's episode, Nikita (Maggie Q) has to rush to Birkhoff's (Aaron Stanford) rescue before Percy's (Xander Berkeley) people can find him, while Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) and Michael (Shane West) try to prevent Percy from getting ahead of the game.

All About the Benjamins

The episode begins as Team Nikita robs a bank, but they do not steal actual money, just files. One of the files reveals the identity of Percy's money-man -- one Ian Damascus -- and it's Nikita's plan to bankrupt Percy as a way to bring down Division. Nikita suggests they get to Damascus by posing as potential new clients, but they need 20 million dollars just to set up a meeting. Nikita wants to use Birkhoff's stash of money, but Birkhoff will only agree if Nikita takes him with her on the mission.

Botched Missions

While in the field, Birkhoff and Alex realize that Damascus is stealing funds from his clients. Unfortunately, Damascus has already handed Birkhoff's money over to a Division asset and is then killed by Roan. While Roan flees the scene, Nikita and co. get into a gun-fight with Damascus' people and Nikita is shot because Birkhoff hesitates to fire on one of their enemies. Back at the safe-house, Nikita and Birkhoff get into an argument over Birkhoff's lost money and Birkhoff decides to part ways with the rest of the team so he can focus on earning his money back. Unfortunately, Birkhoff's illegal dealings are noticed by the police and he is taken into custody.

Once Nikita learns Birkhoff has been arrested, she realizes that Percy will send people to pick him up if she does not get to him first. Alex and Michael plan to ambush the shipment of stolen money on its way to Division, while Nikita goes to save Birkhoff. Nikita and Birkhoff get into another shoot-out in their escape from the cops but this time, Birkhoff does pull the trigger and the two get away safely. With Birkhoff's help, Alex and Michael find the truck carrying Percy's money but Division is closing in on them, so Birkhoff says they have to destroy the money if they want to beat Percy. Michael and Alex then blow up the truck. Yet, when Percy meets with a potential new associate later on, he is not concerned about his missing money and declares his desire for a place in this man's secret group. (What is Percy up to now?)

Team Unity

After the dust settles, Birkhoff thanks Nikita for rescuing him, even after their fight. Nikita tells Birkhoff that he is an irreplaceable part of her team just as Michael and Alex join them at the safe house. Alex then gives Birkhoff a one million dollar check to help reimburse his losses and it is a happy ending for our team. But how long can that last?

Megan Cole
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