'Nikita' Recap: Division's Latest Mission Challenges Nikita's Belief
'Nikita' Recap: Division's Latest Mission Challenges Nikita's Belief
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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Last week, Nikita (Maggie Q) and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) took on a mission that gave them some much-needed closure. In tonight's episode, a mission to stop a bombing makes both women question what they believe in.


Ryan (Noah Bean) hears from Mia, a Division agent who has been undercover for a year. Mia has information on an upcoming attack, but gets arrested by the FBI before she can go into detail. Ryan figures out the basics of said attack on his own, while Nikita and Alex try to extract Mia from a federal prison.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Mia has turned against Division and she shoots Alex during her escape. Meanwhile, Michael (Shane West) and Sean (Dillon Casey) realize the group Mia works with, Third Wave, is targeting a gathering for returning soldiers and their families.

Nikita and the New Division

Tonight's mission makes Nikita question her involvement in the "new" Division. Nikita tells Alex she spent so long trying to take Division down, and her belief in that mission was strong enough to keep her alive against all odds. But now, Nikita worries about what could happen if she loses that core belief.

Luckily, Nikita has not lost her belief just yet, and after she brings Mia around to her side, they manage to stop the Third Wave attack. Sadly, Mia loses her life in the process, but Ryan reminds Nikita that Mia died a hero, thanks to Nikita's influence.

I'm glad we get to see Nikita struggle with her decision to keep Division alive. Fans spent a large part of the summer discussing what would happen with this new Division and if such a corrupted organization could ever be used as a force for good, so it is interesting to see Nikita begin to ponder the same questions. Everyone on Team Nikita has good intentions, but it is still unclear if they will be able to continue using Division's resources to set things right in the long term or if they will have to work to bring Division down all over again.

Alex is Team Nikita, Through and Through

Thanks to her bullet wound, Alex is taken out of the field for a time. Sean stays behind with her and the two get a chance to talk. Sean wants to know why they are still working with Division when the monsters they hunt down will just be replaced by new ones. Alex does not think that is the case, but says she is staying because she believes in Nikita.

When Alex asks Sean why he is sticking around, he says it is because some things are worth fighting for; and I think we all know he is talking about Alex, not Division. Will Alex and Sean make their relationship work or will Sean's desire for a new life tear the potential couple apart?

What did you think of tonight's mission-of-the-week? Are you rooting for Sean and Alex to make it as a couple? Next week will see the returns of fan-favorites Owen and Amanda. How do you think those two will come back into the mix? Let us know all your thoughts and theories in the comments section below.

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