'Nikita' Recap: Death and Deception
'Nikita' Recap: Death and Deception
On tonight's episode of Nikita, an old friend reaches out to Nikita (Maggie Q) from prison, and we learn more about Sean's (Dillon Casey) reasons for working with Oversight.

The Return of Ryan

Nikita's former CIA contact, Ryan Fletcher (Noah Bean), gets in touch with her when he stumbles upon information that could help Nikita's cause. Ryan tells Nikita that he noticed a pattern in unrelated events that affect the stock market and he thinks that is how Oversight gets their funding money. Nikita realizes that Ryan is right and believes they can do some serious damage by crippling Oversight's funding.

Alex Is on Alert

Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) believes that Gogol is still after her and her suspicions are confirmed when she and Sean are attacked by Gogol operatives. Alex recognizes one of the shooters as someone she was friends with as a child and she decides to question him.

Alex's former friend, Yuri, went to work for Gogol after his father was killed during the same ambush that took Alex's father life. Alex tries to convince Yuri that Sergei Semak is the man behind their fathers' deaths and that they can take him down together, but Yuri does not believe her.

Oversight Sets Their Sights on Ryan

Gaines, Oversight's money-man, seeks out Ryan to learn how the former CIA agent was able to spot the pattern Gaines created. Gaines believes that Ryan is special and offers him a deal, but Ryan refuses. Oversight then puts a hit out on Ryan and Amanda (Melinda Clarke) orders Roan (Rob Stewart) to see it through. Roan kills Ryan moments before Nikita can get to him and Nikita vows to avenge Ryan's murder by going after Gaines.

Sean's Family Ties

Sean pays a visit to his Oversight boss and it turns out that the woman is his mother. Mama Pierce wants Sean to replace Amanda as Division's leader, but what she does not know is that her little boy is recording their conversation so Amanda can hear every word. Later, when Gaines reveals his mother's identity to Nikita, Sean kills him.

Deaths and Resurrections

Sean tells his mother that he killed Gaines in order to protect her and he will stay at Division until Nikita is brought down, but then he is done. Do you think Sean is a good guy in a bad spot or does he have an ulterior motive for working with Oversight and Division?

Back at Division, Amanda tells Alex that Yuri has been canceled (a Division code-word for murder) and that she will be keeping Alex under lock and key at Division in order to "protect" her from Gogol. How will Alex escape from Division this time around?

As Nikita deals with her grief over Ryan's death, we learn that Amanda faked the murder in order to bring Ryan into Division. Ryan tells Amanda that he will never work for her, but his interest seems peaked when she tells him that she wants him to help her take down Oversight. (Looks like Mama Pierce forgot the old adage about a woman scorned.) Will Ryan make a deal with the devil in order to destroy the people who tried to kill him?

On the next episode of Nikita, Nikita and Michael (Shane West) go after Michael's son, and Michael gets into trouble.

Megan Cole
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