'Nikita' Recap: Through the Looking Glass
'Nikita' Recap: Through the Looking Glass
On tonight's episode of Nikita, Nikita (Maggie Q) suspects there is more to the story when Michael (Shane West) wants to help a woman he once got involved with per Division's orders.

Once Upon a Time, Michael Worked the Seduction

Nikita finds out that Michael once had his own seduction mission, courtesy of Division. It was his only one but Michael got attached to his asset, Cassandra, and wants to extract her now that he thinks she is in danger.

Nikita agrees to the mission but it gets a bit tricky when Michael and Nikita learn that Cassandra has a 4-year-old son, Max. Seeing Cassandra with her son, Michael has flashbacks of his own daughter, who was the same age as Max when she and Michael's wife were killed in an explosion meant for him.

Double Trouble

Cassandra claims her son is the product of her marriage to a man named Ovechkin, who Division recruited to replace Cassandra's real husband, the President of Belarus, after Division had him killed. The double is now trying to act like a real politician and will no longer answer to Division's orders, so Amanda (Melinda Clarke) sends in an agent to take care of him.

Unfortunately that agent gets captured and Sean (Sean Pierce) is furious when Amanda will not arrange a rescue mission. Sean decides to take matters into his own hands and Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) agrees to help him.

Things Get Complicated

Michael and Nikita have to abort their first extraction plan when Cassandra's son does not cooperate. They make a second plan to extract the pair during a party Ovechkin is hosting, but Max throws a wrench into their back-up plan when he alerts his guardian to the fact that someone is coming to take him and his mother away.

In other news, Alex and Sean arrive moments too late to save the captured Division agent and Sean decides they must kill Ovechkin in order to send a message that no one should mess with their people.

If I worked for Division, I would find it unsettling that an outsider like Sean cared more for my safety than the woman in charge. Then again, one should expect nothing less from an organization that trains young men and women to be assassins.

History Almost Repeats Itself

Sean's plan to kill Ovechkin involves planting a bomb in the double's car. Unfortunately, Ovechkin is delayed in getting to said car, but the same cannot be said for Cassandra and her son. Once again, Michael has to watch as a car explodes with people he cares about trapped inside.

But events play out differently this time around and Nikita is able to get Cassandra and Max out of the car before the explosion. Things continue to improve for Cassandra when Sean manages to kill Ovechkin and no one has any idea Cassandra ever planned to escape with her son.

With the bad guy down for the count and the innocents safe, I think we can consider this a win for everyone involved.

One Last Twist

In the episode's final moments, Nikita and Cassandra talk about a conversation Nikita had with Max. As it turns out, Cassandra lied about her son's age and Nikita figured out that Michael is really Max's father. Cassandra tells Nikita that her son will be in danger if anyone learns that Michael is his father, but she leaves the decision of whether or not to tell Michael the truth about Max in Nikita's hands.

Are you surprised that Max is Michael's son? Do you think Nikita will be able to keep such a huge secret from Michael in order to protect Max? And if Nikita does tell Michael the truth, will Michael be able to stay away from his son, if it means saving Max's life?

On the next episode of Nikita, Nikita deals with her past when she confronts her father.

Megan Cole
Contributing Writer

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