Behind-the-Scenes Videos: 'New Girl' Cast Talks Dating, The Weather, and Ninja Roommates
New Girl has its quirks, and we're not just talking about the title character. The guys that Jessica Day moves in with are fun and funny, just like the guys who portray them. 

On the clips below, go behind the scenes of the highly anticipated FOX comedy. Watch as actors Jake M. Johnson, Max Greenfield, and Lamorne Morris discuss their own experiences. From dating, to roommates, to roommates dating your girlfriends, they know just what they're talking about. It's almost like New Girl in real life.

This first video has the guys sharing highlights from the time they went dating. Jake M. Johnson stalked his future wife, Lamorne Morris lost girlfriends because of the weather, and Max Greenfield still takes his family out clubbing. We probably won't see any of that on the show though. Too bad.

Next up, the guys talk roommates. Jess Day might have it tough living with three guys, as we've seen before. But can you imagine living with a ninja? 

Not a real one, apparently. Still, he has a sword, and you're not allowed to touch that sword. If you do, he might use that sword against you. In which case, you'd have to find another place to sleep in. Like the hospital.

Lamorne Morris, who plays Winston on the show, mocked the sword, and well - here's what he has to say:

Yes, as you can see he lived to tell the tale. That's not your average party in the apartment problem, is it? 

New Girl probably won't show Jess Day facing up to any ninjas, but be sure to catch the premiere anyway. The series debuts on September 20 at 9pm on FOX. Just so you won't miss it, set a reminder by using the NEW BuddyTV Guide App for iPhone. Get recommendations based on what you like, mark your favorite channels and invite your friends to viewing parties. Coming soon to Android.

(Image courtesy of FOX)