'RHOA': NeNe Leakes Calls Kim Zolciak an Opportunistic Friend
'RHOA': NeNe Leakes Calls Kim Zolciak an Opportunistic Friend
Gina Pusateri
Gina Pusateri
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It should come as no surprise that The Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes isn't letting her arch nemesis Kim Zolciak exit the show without throwing some shade. First, she took aim at co-star Kandi Burruss for saying that NeNe has "questionable motives" when she's trying to make friends.

"Kandi speaks negatively about me once again: lies can sometimes be damaging! Kandi has no idea who my friends are other than Cynthia, what business relationships I have, and to be honest, she doesn't even know me that well," NeNe wrote on her Bravo blog. "Kandi can't name one person I've ever befriended for a reason, because there are none. I'm the type of lady that doesn't look for friendship. If one develops, then I welcome it."

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Then NeNe goes on to call out Kim, who she claims had her reasons for befriending Kandi. And in light of what Kim recently said about not speaking to any of her castmates any more, it may actually make some sense.

"Kandi loves to say she's been in the business for 19 years and has accomplished so much," NeNe wrote. "I wonder why I didn't befriend her. Kim befriend her for a song."

NeNe, of course, is referring to the song "Tardy for the Party," which Kandi helped Kim produce. After the song was a success, Kim and Kandi had a notorious argument about how much compensation Kandi actually deserved. Needless to say, Kandi seemed to have been taken advantage of in the situation.

Kim also said that the song did have an impact on her and Kandi's relationship, but not exactly for the reason that NeNe claimed.

"Kandi and I had a real, true friendship; we really did," Kim said on Watch What Happens Live. "And 'Tardy for the Party' really put a damper on things from the contract. And we could never really get back to where we were. But I still adore Kandi and I love her."

And it seems that NeNe still hasn't gotten off of her "Kim didn't quit, she was fired" campaign, even after Kim set the record straight several times with the media, and even claimed she was getting a spin-off. NeNe tweeted the other night, "Kim NEVER quit the show! Bravo knows that, True Entertainment knows that and all the brown girls know that."

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