[VIDEO] 'NCIS' Star Mark Harmon on Cote de Pablo's Exit, Head Slaps and More
[VIDEO] 'NCIS' Star Mark Harmon on Cote de Pablo's Exit, Head Slaps and More
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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NCIS star Mark Harmon visited the brand new Arsenio Hall show on Thursday night and talked about Cote de Pablo's upcoming exit, the origin of the famous Gibbs Head Slap and more. 

The Head Slaps: How it All Began

Michael Weatherly can be either credited (or blamed, depending on your point of view) for the famous Gibbs head slap. Tony has received multiple slaps to the back of the head over the seasons and it turns out that it all started back in Season 1. 

"If you know Michael Weatherly at all," Harmon said about how it all began. "[The head slaps are] helpful to get him back on track occasionally. It was in the first year and he kind of took off on riff in the middle of a scene - it was with a gal (editors note: Of course it was) - and it just made sense to me at the moment to hit him in the back of the head," Harmon concluded with one of his fantastic laughs.

"I always give Michael credit for it," Harmon continued. "Because, had he stopped the take, no one would've ever seen it, they wouldn't have printed it. But he kept going and they saw it and they liked it and then I was hitting him all the time."

Cote de Pablo's Exit: A Springboard to Make the Show Better?

Next, Arsenio talked about the success of NCIS and the fact that it's been on for so long and yet has kept growing in the ratings. It was interesting to note that Arsenio didn't ask about Cote de Pablo leaving the show, but Harmon was obviously prepared to answer those types of questions so he got right into it. 

"This show has had a lot of changes, Harmon said."We've managed to get better with the changes, both in front of the camera and behind the camera. We have another change this year with Cote leaving and it's up to this highly professional group to use that as a springboard and to improve and to try and stay number one."

Mark Harmon, the Prankster

Arsenio then talked about how Harmon had been on his previous talk show and called the actor a bit of a prankster, "You do keep a brother on his feet when you're around," Arsenio joked. He then showed an old clip that featured Arsenio holding up the edition of People with Harmon on the cover as Sexiest Man Alive. In response, Harmon held up his own copy - with Arsenio's face placed over his own. The actor then handed the host a leopard Speedo and told him that's what he has to wear to win the crown, remarking "You might have to stretch out parts of this to fit into it."

After the fun clip, Arsenio and Harmon go on to discuss Harmon's wife Pam Dawber and whether she would ever be on NCIS, plus Harmon's previous football career and the legacy of his father's days in football. 

Check out the entire interview below. 

What did you think of the interview with Mark Harmon? Do you agree with what he said about Cote de Pablo's exit from NCIS?

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