Pauley Perrette Talks About Doing 'NCIS' With Best Friend
Pauley Perrette Talks About Doing 'NCIS' With Best Friend
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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As you all know, tonight's NCIS episode is a tad bit more special for Pauley Perrette. After an interesting time on NCIS: Los Angeles, her character goth forensic Abby will welcome her best friend, who will be played by her real-life best friend Meredith Eaton.

Talking to ET, both Perrette and Eaton talked about how emotional the ride had been, and somehow, the NCIS episode is the fruition of their journey going full circle.

"We have actually been through so much together," Perrette tells ET. "We've kept each other up and kept each other together and on our feet through so much trauma over the last few years and really happy times too. It's almost amazing like this full circle thing that we get to do this together."

On the Christmas episode, not only Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) father will make an appearance.

 "Abby is obsessed with Christmas," Perrette adds. "Part of the reason why Meredith's character here is to grant a child a Christmas wish so we get together to try to do a little manipulating."

The little scheme they're cooking up will involve McGee (Sean Murray), and it's actually reminiscent of how they are in real life, the former roommates both said. But most of all, Eaton calls her appearance on NCIS is a "cherry on the cake."

"One of the gifts that I've been given is Pauley," Eaton tells ET. "She's an anchor for me. And of course the biggest gift that was given to me is my husband Bryan and my daughter, and I'm so happy... This is the longest I've been away from her and I'm missing her so much, but what a great reason to be away is to work on this set because I've always wanted to and with my best friend."

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