'NCS' Fan Columnist: Tony DiNozzo's a Fanatic
'NCS' Fan Columnist: Tony DiNozzo's a Fanatic
Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) is a fanatic.

Tony is definitely a fan of ZNN reporter Dana Hutton.

In "Obsession" the cold war is heating up again. Dana has disappeared and her Naval Lieutenant brother is dead. The siblings were each investigating past KGB agents. The brother died in a car accident and Dana's dear friend Charlie Bascom, a bookstore owner also died in an accident. Coincidence?

Dana's brother was injected with a pellet full of deadly ricin. There is no antidote. Dana found documents and other information implicating Charlie aka Uri as a go-between for Russian spies. Bookstore patron and spy, Maggie Reed, committed the murder. The money she was after had been converted into first edition rare books. Sadly Dana was also injected.

I have a few points I fixated on last night.

DiNozzo's obsession with Dana is much like the detective in Otto Preminger's 'Laura'. Ziva David made the reference and it was poignant. Laura was dead and the detective was infatuated with her after seeing her portrait. Dana was the reporter Tony had only seen on TV. Dana dies with Tony by her side.

M. Allison Hart now works temporarily at NCIS. Is Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) glad to see her? Not really. She appears in his basement at one o'clock in the morning. She asks Gibbs why he still didn't lock his front door. He told her if he did he'd have no social life. Well at least he has a hobby.

Tim McGee is jealous of Mexican agent Alejandro Rivera's attention to Abby Sciuto. Yike! What about McAbby? If you recall Pauley Perrette said there would be a Latin stranger in coming episodes. I loved McGee telling her Rivera only wanted to count her tats. She tells him she may have another he would never see. Ouch that's got to sting.

Tony broke rule 10 ... again. He became personally involved in this case. In the end Dana dies and there was nothing he could do about it. Gibbs asked how he was doing. Tony told him he wasn't doing well. Gibbs confided rule 10 was the one he had trouble with too.

If you're a movie buff like Tony the end of this episode had to make you smile. How do you hide a fortune in plain sight? Uri bought incredibly rare books. If you're familiar with the film Charade you'll recall a fortune was turned into rare stamps. If you don't know, rent it soon.

I'm going to make an observation. This may be my biggest 'duh' moment but here goes.

Is it just me or has Cote De Pablo gained a little weight? She's not wearing her usual tight fitting tops and pants. Should someone be knitting booties? Nothing official has been said so don't take this as anything more than my hope for another NCIS baby.

And this is a correction. David McCallum does have a contract through season eight contrary to what was reported. McCallum's agent Abe Hoch confirmed this news to TVGuide

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-Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist