'NCIS' Preview: Tony's Hair, Gibbs' Obsession and More from 'Shell Shock'
'NCIS' Preview: Tony's Hair, Gibbs' Obsession and More from 'Shell Shock'
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
NCIS continues season 10 with a two-part episode called "Shell Shock," on Tuesday November 13. According to the videos below, a lot will be revealed about at least one team members' past in the first part of the two-parter. 

Helmet Head

Gibbs sure got that term right. The old photo of Tony (which is apparently an actual photo of Michael Weatherly that the actor allowed to be used for the episode), shows a very different looking guy from the DiNozzo we see today. The mouth and eyes are the same, but boy is that hair different. Personally I think the photo is adorable though. 

Gibbs' obsession

From the preview, we see that the team is on the case involving a soldier that appears to be suffering from some sort of mental distress, more than likely PTSD. Considering the team's most recent experience with violence, plus Gibbs' own personal experience with not only bombings, but losing his family, it looks like (as Tony says) he might be getting a little too close to this case. The question is: how close will Gibbs get and how much will it affect him?

A man looking for answers

In the clip, we find the team coming across the man that Gibbs is going to undoubtedly find a connection with. The captain says that he's looking for his friend Torres, but it looks like that must be their murder victim (I'm assuming there's a murder), because Gibbs has to tell the poor guy that his friend is dead. The entire team seems to feel sympathy for the captain's plight when they lower their guns at the sight of his distress and the shaking of his hands. Is it possible that Gibbs may not be the only one affected by this man? What is his story? 

A cliffhanger?

Two parts suggests of course that this story won't be resolved in a single episode and I have to wonder what part of it will carry over into next week. What about you? Now that you've seen a few spoilers from this episode of NCIS, what do you think might happen in the story?

NCIS airs on Tuesdays and 8pm on CBS. 

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