'NCIS' Fan Columnist: What Makes Abby So Awesome?
'NCIS' Fan Columnist: What Makes Abby So Awesome?
Jacky Jackman, our BuddyTV NCIS Fan Columnist, analyzes Abby. If you'd like to become a fan contributor, click here.

Can you think of a cooler character then Abby Sciuto? No? Neither can I. After I re-watched "Toxic" I'm recalling what makes her both awesome and adorable.

Abby (Pauley Perrette) is a Goth gal from New Orleans. She dyes her hair black, wears red and black clothes and chains or a studded collar. She is a canvas for the art of tattooing sporting a spider web on her neck and a large cross on her back. She has numerous tattoos. Where? You'll have to ask Tim McGee.

She is the heart of NCIS. The team is her family and she is fiercely loyal to them. She also can't keep her hands off co-workers. She's a hugging dynamo. By the way, never try to tell her to calm down when one of the team's in danger. Seriously.

Abby likes her music loud, loves the supernatural and plays with Voodoo dolls to relax. She uses American Sign Language to speak privately with her boss Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Abby has a '32 cherry red 'little deuce coupe'. Now you know what she drives. (My apologies to the Beach Boys for that joke.)

Gibbs gives Abby a kiss on the cheek from as a reward for her excellent work. She's his favorite and has never received a smack to the head like Tony DiNozzo. Once Gibbs did inform her if he smacked her it wouldn't be on the head. Yipe.

Her energy is kinetic possibly fueled by all those caf-pows she drinks. Abby and Gibbs, if you value living do not interrupt their caffeine streams.

Abby names her teeth. What, you don't?

She bowls with nuns, sleeps in a coffin and has a stuffed hippo that... well it breaks wind when squeezed. His name is Bert.

What qualifies Abby to be a forensic specialist for NCIS? Her degrees include sociology, criminology and psychology from Louisiana State University. She received a master's degree in criminology and forensic science from Georgia State University. The girl's got some trippin' skills.

She's intuitive and has the ability to find difficult clues. Abby can take Tom Lehrer's "The Element Song" and find a numeric code. She also found a coded message encrypted in a little girl's collage. Abby not only thinks outside the box, she's in another geometric sphere entirely.

How could Gibbs and the team get along without Abby? They can't. Did you see what McGee, DiNozzo and Jimmy Palmer did to her lab while she was working on a top-secret government mission?

Even with 'Abby's Lab For Dummies' giving step-by-step instructions those boys couldn't create a simple gel. McGee's biomedical engineering degree from Johns Hopkins didn't seem to be much help.

"Toxic" taught us three of Abby's rules.

  1. Never lie to Abby.
  2. If you make a mess in her lab, clean it up!
  3. Don't make her care about you if you're a bad guy.

Make that four rules thanks to Tony.

 4. Don't use a screwdriver on a locked drawer. It leaves a mark.

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 -Jacky Jackman, BuddyTV Fan Columnist
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