'NCIS' Big Boss on Meeting Abby's Family: 'It Will Happen'
'NCIS' Big Boss on Meeting Abby's Family: 'It Will Happen'
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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The only question is when.

And if the wait period for the NCIS episode that featured DiNozzo's family were any indication, don't expect to be introduced to Abby's in the near future. Points out NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan: "We waited seven seasons to meet DiNozzo's father."

Good point.

On the other hand, Brennan confirms that we will get to know more about Abby's backstory eventually, although it won't necessarily be a meet the Sciuto installment like what happened on "Flesh and Blood" featuring Tony's dad, and his many uncles and button-collecting grandfather were mentioned.

"We're not going to wait that long to introduce one of Abby's relatives. And I wouldn't even say her relatives -- I'd say more of her personal life. The audience loves Abby and I think there's a lot of rich detail to be explored with that character, so, yes, it will happen."

There had been other sort of Abby-centric episodes, such as "Bloodbath," "Driven," "Cover Story," and "Silent Night," where we learned that Abby loves Christmas.

Asked whether we'd see her family in an interview more than a year ago on Bullz-Eye.com, here's Perette's response.

"I don't make up these things; the writers do. But I have all of my own ideas! We know that Abby has a little brother. We know that. And I keep saying, 'Where's her brother?' I'm not sure, but in my head, I have decided...which means, to the writers, absolutely nothing.

"It definitely comes up in the Christmas episode ("Silent Night"), because I played it that way - or I certainly hope it comes across that way, or at least there's a question mark - as to whether Abby's father is alive. I don't think he is. In my head, he's not. And that also has a lot to do with her relationship with Gibbs. Gibbs lost his daughter, Abby lost her dad."

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