Is Jack's Personality Too Hard to Connect to on 'NCIS'?
Is Jack's Personality Too Hard to Connect to on 'NCIS'?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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While fans were excited to see Maria Bello join the cast of NCIS, there's no denying that her character Jack isn't a major fan favorite. There are too many questions about her to know if we should trust her or not. However, it's not the questions that prevent us from connecting to her. It's her personality that's difficult to like.

She Doesn't Connect with the Team Enough

Right now, everyone fears that Jack is profiling them. She certainly asks plenty of pointed questions and makes assumptions that most other people wouldn't jump to. In "Burden of Proof," the opening scene saw Jack throw Torres a pedicure set, believing him to be the type of guy to self-pedicure.

It shows that she's been watching him enough to consider this. This should be a positive thing, but there's something creepy and disturbing about it.

On top of that, nobody knows anything about her. She picks up on all these tiny details about the other members of the team but tells them nothing. Bishop and McGee have had to rely on rumors to decipher anything about her. This means NCIS fans know very little about her. People connect through these small pieces of information that give us insight into personalities. We can't do that if she doesn't share more.

The lack of information about Jack has come up within the team. Reeves has found out about her past connection to PsyOps through his own research. Jack has never spoken about this, suggesting that she is hiding something important. Of course, based on the scars on her back it's likely that she doesn't want to remember the trauma that she faced during her time in PsyOps, but the team doesn't know that yet.

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She Doesn't Integrate Herself Enough

Things would be easier if Jack spent more time integrating with the team. Rather than spending time in the bullpen with the others, Jack keeps to her office as much as possible. While she is there in a forensic psychologist role, she still needs to integrate and interact with the team regularly. This is the best way to bounce around ideas and gain full insights into the case.

Of course, Jack keeping herself to the office is similar to Abby staying in the lab or Ducky staying in the morgue. It's not difficult for members of NCIS to go to other rooms and discuss the case. However, the others will venture out of their workspaces when necessary and sometimes just to chat with the team members. Jack doesn't do this, chatting just in passing.

The integration is something that needs to happen eventually. We've seen her connect to Gibbs, Ducky and Abby. Now it's time for her to connect to the others, so that she can connect more with the fans. This is the best way for her to become part of the NCIS family.

Do you find Jack difficult to connect to? Would you like to see more integration with the rest of the team? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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