'Nashville' Season 5 Finale Recap: Will Zach Destroy Highway 65?
'Nashville' Season 5 Finale Recap: Will Zach Destroy Highway 65?
Alexandria Gunn
Alexandria Gunn
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It's the Nashville Season 5 finale and we've come a long way. There have been heartbreaking storylines as everyone had dealt with the loss of Rayna and other important people (even unborn) in their lives. We've loved, laughed, and lost, and it's normal to feel a sense of dread. Season finales don't often serve well for all characters.

What's to Become of Highway 65?

In episode 21, we were left with Zach threatening to leave Highway 65 and take his money with him. Daphne spoke some sense in how the record label is no longer what Rayna had created it to become and Brad (Jessie's ex) had a solution for that. He offered to buy the label. We can all guess what Deacon thinks to that.

Highway 65 does suffer some serious blows throughout. Zach cuts the power and cleans out the bank accounts. The artists try to band together at Tracks, the recording studio, for the time being, but something more permanent needs to happen.

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Where's Zach in All This?

Nobody, including Will (yes, he's back for once), have any idea where Zach has gone. Somehow, Gunnar is able to track him down. (Maybe in a similar fashion to the way he tracked down the kid that mugged him and Scarlett?) With Gunnar's tracking abilities, Deacon hear's Zach's sob story. However, that sob story of how he's tried "to be nice" doesn't hold up when he threatens Deacon that he'll hold the record label down until everyone begs for air.

Deacon isn't the only one who found Zach. Brad does too and it would initially seem like a case of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Both guys seem to want Highway 65, so why not work together to get it? Zach doesn't trust Brad for good reason, and he soon learns that Brad wants something bigger than the label. He wants to own a network, be bigger than CMT (get what they did there?), and exploit the brands of the artists.

Who Gets that American Music Award?

Suffering with a broken air conditioner, Juliette calls Avery to moan to him again. It's not just the A.C. through. She has to go to an American Music Award party for all the nominees, and that includes Maddie.

Deacon finally figures out why Maddie and Juliette aren't talking (due to Daphne). He is more than angry with her and makes it clear that she's off the label, if Highway 65 stays together.

The next time Juliette is on the phone to Avery, she admits how guilty she is and fears there's evil inside of her. It's just a shame she doesn't actually admit to him what she did to Maddie. Instead, she starts researching a certain journalist, MacKenzie Rhodes. Juliette and MacKenzie hatch a plan to trap Zach, although Juliette has to promise to give MacKenzie a scoop-worthy story afterwards.

The scoop Juliette had is much better than just admitting to stealing the song. She actually withdraws her nomination for the award. It's left to being between Maddie and Katy Perry. It's the latter who wins (of course), but Maddie is happy with that. At least Katy Perry deserved the award.

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What's In Store for Gunnar and Scarlett?

As for "Scunnar," things are still not looking great. Gunnar informs Scarlett that he's working on his fear of being alone and later tells her that she's never let anyone in. In other words, after five years, he finally stands up to Scarlett and takes a chance at being happy. It's heartbreaking for Scarlett, especially after everything she's recently been through, but this has been such a long time coming.

Nashville ends with almost everyone in tears. Gunnar cries as Scarlett packs her things and leaves. Juliette cries over everything she's done. Zach cries because MacKenzie actually spooked him (and he's lost the battle for now). The good thing to come from this is Avery hugs Juliette. While it may not be enough for Deacon, admitting the truth to the press was good enough for Avery.

There were a few tears, but for the most part things have turned out alright. Now we just have to help Will gets some juicier storylines for Nashville Season 6.

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