'Nashville' Recap: Scarlett Finds Her Voice, Juliette Loses It All
'Nashville' Recap: Scarlett Finds Her Voice, Juliette Loses It All
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
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Hunky Brad Paisley guest starred on tonight's episode of Nashville but even his words of wisdom couldn't save Juliette. While one singer loses everything, another opens up to find the artist inside her.

Luke and Rayna go public as Will and Layla discover they aren't that different. Scarlett forms a bond with Liam that could lead her down a dangerous path. Revenge is beginning to get the best of Teddy. 

Let Me See The Real You 
Rayna secures Liam to produce Scarlett's album. Needles to say, the two don't hit if off too well. Liam pushes her to open up so he can get to know the real Scarlett. He thinks she hides the most intriguing parts of herself. She of course thinks he is a big jerk. In order to get to know the personal side of Scarlett, Liam takes her journal. In it he discovers a poem called "Black Roses." 

After some prodding, he gets her to reveal it is about her mother, turns out Scarlett's mother has some psychiatric issues. A long night of talking between the two turns "Black Roses" into a song. They plan to record the song that night but Scarlett is exhausted cause they pulled an all nighter. Liam gives her a pill to help wake her and keep her going. Scarlett is finally excited about her music but there is SO a pill popping story in her future.

What Do You Have To Say 

Will is back Nashville with fake girlfriend Layla in tow. Gunnar is surprised to see them both at his place but is even more surprised when Layla wants to write music with him. Even though he is not really into it, he agrees for Will's sake. Their session is short-lived because Layla doesn't get the whole song writing process. Layla gets mad when Gunnar tells her song writing is personal. 

Later, she reveals to Will that she has nothing to say because she has always done what her parents wanted her to do. The two realize they have more in common than they thought. Both don't want to let anyone down. Gunnar suggests to Layla that she start keeping a journal to help with her songwriting. 

Business Lessons 

Luke gives Rayna her very own sponsored racecar for a race in Atlanta. It is all decked out with Rayna James decals and stuff. One of the sponsors is a brick and mortar company that sells CD's. Luke introduces Rayna to Mr. Boone, who she immediately begins to schmooze. She wants shelf space for her new album. 

In fact, she invites him to be her guest at the Grand Old Opry where Juliette is being inducted. The two spent some serious time together, including at Luke's concert for all the sponsors for Rayna's car. It is at that concert that not only does Rayna debut the song she wrote with Deacon, but announces her album will drop May 1st. Jeff is there too and goes into squash Rayna mode by making a call to push up a big Edgehill artist release to May 1st. Mr. Boone says he can make space for Rayna's new album in his stores but only because his stores will no longer carry Juliette's albums. Rayna declines the offer revealing to Luke she doesn't want to hurt other artists to have her label succeed. It is very noble of her even if it isn't necessarily the best way to do business. 

Losing It All 
Jeff expects Juliette to make a public apology for her actions before her Grand Old Opry performance. Although she makes him believe she is playing along the night of the show she makes a bold move. Instead of apologizing or following Jeff's script, she tells the audience what she was suppose to do. Then she has a message for all those out there who hate on her, in the form of song, of course. It is the tune she wrote with Avery and it is all about her recent drama. Basically, she tells the haters to suck it, only with music. 

Needless to say, the audience and Jeff are not impressed. It was a ballsy move and it cost her. Edgehill dropped her and all her concerts were cancelled. However she did get a good digs in at Jeff, "You lost two of your top grossing artists in 6 months. I'll see you on the unemployment line." Yes, in true Juliette fashion she did not do as she was told. She did exactly what she wanted to. In the end, she was left with just about nothing. After watching her career implode, Juliette tells Avery she didn't mind losing everything as long as she had him. The two finally kiss! 

The Lamar Factor 

Teddy tells the Dash, an FBI agent, his theory that Lamar got Peggy killed. Teddy is dead set on believing Lamar was out for him but Dash doesn't buy it without proof. Despite his best efforts, Teddy is unable to find out who the FBI's star witness is against Lamar. 

However, Dash assures him that Lamar is going to prison. After listening to Teddy's reasoning for thinking Lamar ordered a hit on him, Megan worries Teddy is not grieving for his late wife and is too focused on revenge. All Teddy wants his justice but sadly he is not going to get it. 

Tandy, who is the star witness and is in hiding, is found and arrested by the FBI under a material witness order. But the joke is on the FBI because the proof she gave them is inadmissible because she technically stole it. Turns out the document she gave them was obtained after she resigned from Wyatt industries. Tandy will not have to testify and the FBI case against Lamar is dunzo. Teddy learns the charges were dropped and Lamar will be released from prison. This is not going to end well for someone, probably Teddy. 

Deacon's Choice 

Deacon's record label wants him to put out a record of duets with his famous friends. He is very hesitant to ask his friends for that kind of favor. It is actually a talk with Avery about the past and being famous that convinces Deacon to do his own thing, an album live from the Bluebird Cafe. His record label is not going to be thrilled with the idea, but Deacon wants to do the record his way. 

Nashville airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 10pm. 

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