'Nashville' Recap: You Can Pick Your Family
'Nashville' Recap: You Can Pick Your Family
Carla Day
Carla Day
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In the aftermath of Lamar's heart attack on Nashville, Rayna's tour and relationships were thrown into turmoil. Meanwhile, Juliette reverted back to making questionable decisions regarding her personal relationships and on the tour. "My Heart Would Know" was full of revealed secrets and new beginnings.

Lamar Lives Another Day

Rayna's despicable father didn't die from the heart attack, instead he lived and caused his daughter even more pain. He pushed Rayna away when she came to visit him, even though she cancelled an important New York concert.

The grumpy old man didn't reserve his anger for Rayna, he also treated Tandy, the golden daughter, with contempt as well. After refusing to say to in bed, he ran into Rayna and Watty in the hallway and yelled at Watty to get out.

The truth was finally revealed to Rayna that the musician her mother loved was Watty. That explained so much about why her father hated or acted like he hated her. After he had another attack, Rayna sat by his bedside, cried, and said she wished he had told her.

All those years that she thought her father was mad at her, but really he was mad at her mother. She regretted the life that they lost together. Will they be able to reconcile now that Rayna knows the truth? Or, will her father still resent her and that she worked with Watty? 

The Tour Must Go On

With Rayna back in Nashville with her father, Juliette decided to extend her performance instead of bringing in another act. She pushed her band to learn ten new songs in one day and they weren't happy about it. Dante supported her decision and reminded her that she was the boss.

During rehearsal, Deacon called Juliette out for her disregard for her employees and the band. During their argument, Juliette mentioned that Dante supported her decision. This just set Deacon off and he questioned why Dante was involved at all.  

While Deacon accused her of using Dante as a "yes man," she responded that Dante was the only one who had her back. Ouch.

During the show, Juliette started singing to Deacon on stage, but he ignored her. Afterward, Juliette was furious and wanted to know why he acted that way. Juliette tried to hurt him by saying that Rayna wasn't part of her family or his to which he replied, "Yes, she is."

Dante is Trouble

Jolene's sober coach, Dante, has manipulated himself into a sweet position right next to Juliette. It's a dangerous situation because she is feeding into his addiction for power. Even before she named him as her manager, he was taking advantage of the situation.

He ignored Jolene, slept with Juliette, and fired Avery to protect himself. He crossed the line as a therapist and sober coach for Jolene and Deacon laid into him about it. Deacon's concern for Juliette and her mother were just disregarded.

Dante has Juliette right where he wants her to be. She's isolated from her mother and Deacon and really is back to being all alone with the exception of him. Now that he is her manager, the situation will only get worse. Will she see through him before it's too late?

Deacon Hearts Rayna

Deacon may have gotten involved with the beautiful vet, but he's not over Rayna. When Stacey left New York to head back home, Deacon gave her the key to his house. That was a bold move after only a month together.

They make a cute couple and they enjoy each other's company, but when Lamar almost died it opened Deacon's eyes. He called Rayna to offer his support which was the friendly thing to do, but then it all changed.

Rayna called him back and left a message and he had the big blow out with Juliette. He realized that she needed him and he needed her. With that he headed home to Nashville to see her. 

After the Watty reveal, Deacon was the shoulder that Rayna needed to cry on. He understands her unlike anyone else. They can talk openly and honestly about the past and present without any pretense.

When Deacon and Rayna hugged, it was clear that they both still love each other. And, that became even more clear when Deacon showed up to see Stacey and he hugged her. It just wasn't the same spark.

Odds and Ends

  • Gunnar stopped writing music after his brother was killed. No matter how much Scarlett tried to get him to write with her, he refused. After a night out with Will chasing death, Gunnar found his voice again and wrote a beautiful song.
  • Despite Gunnar's difficulties, he was supportive of Scarlett's record deal and they celebrated after the contract was signed.
  • After Will brought Scarlett on stage to perform and took Gunnar out to challenge trains, there seems to be something off about him. Does he have an ulterior motive with them? Or, is he just a friendly neighbor?
  • Scarlett went to a meeting at the record label. Rayna wasn't there, but the team toasted to her new contract.
  • Gunnar went to the write songs at the publishing company.
  • Peggy called up Teddy in a panic to tell him how much she loves him. Was she afraid he would find out about Lamar's blackmail? Or, was she relieved when she found out he was in the hospital?
  • Tandy revealed to Teddy that Peggy was the one that leaked his divorce to the tabloids. Uh oh!
What is Dante's plan with Juliette? Did he just get drawn in to the life? Or, did he purposefully manipulate his way in? Do you trust Will? And, what will Teddy do about Peggy?

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