'Nashville' Recap: Clean Breaks Aren't Easy
'Nashville' Recap: Clean Breaks Aren't Easy
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Relationships were tested on this week's Nashville. On "Move It on Over," whether it was a romance, friendship, familial, business or political partnership there were strains all around. Both Rayna and Juliette struggled with when to let go and when to hold on tight.

Intervention Time

Juliette's relationship with her mother had gotten to such a toxic level, she was working all night long to avoid her mother. Those around Juliette knew that wasn't healthy, but she just wouldn't listen. 

It wasn't until Deacon pressed the issue a couple different times and Juliette found her mother passed out in bed with a creepy looking guy that she agreed to let Deacon help. It wasn't easy, but Deacon was able to convince Jolene to try rehab again.

At the last minute, Jolene freaked out and hit Juliette hard in the face. That moment was the clincher for Jolene. She turned around and walked into rehab with Deacon by her side. With her mother in rehab, Juliette wiped any memory of her presence away by moving to a new house. 

It wasn't easy, but Juliette made a clean break and a fresh start. We'll see what happens when her mother gets out of rehab, if she can even make it through her time there.

Addictions Run Deep

Deacon went out of his way to help Juliette with her mother, but it came at a cost for him. He called on his sponsor, Coleman, for help. When Jolene dropped her pills, Deacon kept them. It took a lot of will power for him to not take any of them. But, he was strong and got help when he needed it.

The memory of rehab may have stirred up his past, but it's his addiction to Rayna that caused him the greatest pain. She cut him out of her life and he repaid that by withholding the rights to one of their songs.

He was holding her hostage. And, she came to him to talk it out, though it didn't go his way. She left even more determined to cut him out of her life instead of reconciling. His reaction was to go the Bluebird Cafe for music therapy and sing about his woes.

That plan may have worked except for getting into a fight outside the bar. Instead of staying down, he got right back up and fought even harder. He loves Rayna, but he can't have her and it kills him.

From jail he reached out to Rayna for assistance, but she ignored his call for help. That was it. They are done. Deacon finally realized it and released the rights to the song, so she could make her commercial.

At least, Deacon is no longer jumping into bed with Juliette. They both could use a good friend to be there for each other. A continued romance would just complicate it and probably end in a bad way.

Cheaters Never Win

Teddy and Peggy can't get away with it, can they? I hope not. They don't deserve it. If anything, it looks like their problem has temporarily gone away, but will only get worse now that Lamar is involved.

Who was taking pictures of Teddy and Peggy together? My guess is that's one of Lamar's guys. He will use it for blackmail to keep Teddy in line. He insisted that Teddy go dirty in the campaign against his former friend, Coleman, so why wouldn't he do the same thing to Teddy. He wouldn't.

Teddy is going to regret running for mayor. I just hope that he doesn't bring Rayna down with him. She deserves to be with someone better than him. He's a creep and that isn't going to change any time soon.

It's Time to Move On

Scarlett continued to be pulled between Gunnar and Avery, but only because Avery is an ass. His jealousy is out of control. Scarlett loves him, but he can't see past his own ego. 

Scarlett should have come down harder on Avery about the stunt he pulled during the audition. He ruined Scarlett and Avery's shot at a deal. Though, I have to give her credit for not just rolling over and being okay with it.

She did hold her ground somewhat and declare her love for him. But, if he continues to pull these shenanigans, she really must cut him loose. He is selfish and she could do so much better than him. She could have a supportive, loving boyfriend. Gunnar, perhaps?

Odds and Ends

  • Rayna's red dress was gorgeous. It was good to see that she found a way out of her financial jam without compromising herself too much. Using a song for a commercial is better than the other options offered previously.
  • Gunnar and Hailey are cute together. He seems to really want to be in a relationship with her, but it's like he wants it too much and for the wrong reasons. He may deny it, but he is smitten with Scarlett.
  • Deacon and Juliette's conversation on the house steps was touching. When he pushed her kiss away, it was perfect. They need each other, but not in that way.
  • Teddy just now asked Rayna if she slept with Deacon? They have an odd marriage.
  • Rayna wrote a song on her own! And, her manager loved it. That's a huge accomplishment for her. Perhaps, if she realizes she doesn't need Deacon to succeed, she will be more willing to let him back into her personal and professional life.
  • For the first time this season, none of the music particularly moved me. It was okay, but not extraordinary like in the first few episodes.
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