It's Time to Move on from Juliette's Constant Struggles in 'Nashville' Season 6
It's Time to Move on from Juliette's Constant Struggles in 'Nashville' Season 6
Jay Ruymann
Jay Ruymann
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After five seasons of Nashville drama, Juliette Barnes is still similar to the character she was when the series began. She's addicted to drama, angry, sad, hiding her emotions, and awful to most of the people in her life, even when she doesn't mean to be. That's five seasons of the same stories for her -- just with a change in surrounding characters most of the time -- and it looks like season 6 is keeping with old patterns. There needs to be something fresh for her during the final season.

The Season 6 Trajectory

Juliette's beginning to confront her depression in season 6, but it's not going to go how she expects it to and we all know that. She's seeking help from a mysterious, cult-like figure, whose motivational speaking techniques have kept people in awe. His pursuit of Juliette seemed a little like he was stalking her, so it's already taking a dark turn and we're left to question what his intentions are and if his business really is a cult.

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That said, Juliette's journey is to better herself this season, but it's tiring because we've seen this path taken so many times. We saw Juliette go to a rehabilitation facility during season 4 for her postpartum depression, and she seemed to come back as a better person with more of a grip on her emotions and her life. However, season 5 completely undid all of that and turned Juliette back into the backstabbing woman she was at the very beginning.

A Backwards Journey

The stories revolving around Juliette have been tiresome since season 3. It's always the same thing. Either she feels awful about not being a good mother, or for doing something awful to one of her "friends" or Avery, or numerous other things involving her career that are continuously done, like postponing her career to work on herself, which is exactly what caused most of her drama during the previous season.

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With Juliette especially, it seems like the writers have just gone backwards in their development of her character and Juliette is still the same country diva she was when the series began. Nothing has changed, save for her relationship with Avery and her daughter.

What Needs to Be Done

Since this is the final season of Nashville, Juliette's final course to "fix" herself and work on her depression needs to seem final. Not like they've done in the past, but something new and something that's going to show her how much she has to live for, while teaching her to love herself, Avery, and her daughter unconditionally no matter what happens. Also, she really has to grow out of her backstabbing stage because it was tired from the time she first did it to Rayna.

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If almost dying in an airplane crash didn't help Juliette learn what she has to live for, motivate her to work on herself and her depression, and show her how amazing Avery and her daughter are and how they'll always be with her, what will it take for her to change?

What do you think? Are you happy with where Juliette's character is going in season 6? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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