Best Duets from 'Nashville' Season 2
Best Duets from 'Nashville' Season 2
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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There's the love -- really messy, complicated love -- and all the drama you can handle, but at the core, Nashville is about the singing.

And while the characters have their moments to shine, there's something special when they pair up and deliver an unforgettable duet.

Here are the memorable duets from season 2 of Nashville:

"It Ain't Yours to Throw Away" (Scarlett and Gunnar)

Episode 22, "On the Other Hand": Who didn't shed a little tear watching/listening to them sing? This touching performance with them reunited at the Bluebird Cafe, with a beautiful melody and lyrics, reminded us just how much we've missed their dynamic, making us root for them to wind up back together again. Even if they don't, that shouldn't stop them from making music.

"This Town" (Scarlett and Deacon)

Episode 5, "Don't Open That Door": The lyrics on this ballad hit home for the show on a deeper level, telling a story of the struggles that musicians/performers/songwriters go through in Nashville. Hopefully there's more from uncle and niece as the beauty in this duet was in its simplicity but also feeling haunting..

"A Life That's Good" (Maddie and Daphne)

Episode 4, "You're No Angel Yourself": These two have so much talent. It's on full display in this performance to one of Deacon's old songs, giving it a different meaning to the same lyrics sung by the girls. It was a moment of Maddie not being a terrorizing pre-teen so bonus points for that. There's an air of innocence compared to the version with Deacon.

"Ball and Chain" (Rayna and Luke)

Episode 22, "On the Other Hand": Yeah, maybe you liked the Gunnar version better but this was a fun, finger-snapping take on it, and the crowd loved it. Besides, it wasn't necessarily this particular performance but what happened immediately after: Luke proposing with that giant rock! He wants to be her "ball and chain." Cheesy or sweet?

"Trouble Is" (Juliette and Avery)

Episode 10, "Tomorrow Never Comes": This is more like an accidental duet, but it works. Their chemistry, and the way they look at each other during the song, doesn't hurt either. Whether you want them together or not, in this moment, you root for them, and the version is better as a duet.

What was your favorite duet of season 2 of Nashville? Share your thoughts below!

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