Models of the Runway: Preview of Season 2 Premiere
Project Runway on the Lifetime network wouldn't be complete without its companion series, Models of the Runway, which is also returning for another season tonight.  Given its success last year, the show's been given another shot.  Get behind-the-scenes of the seams once again, with sixteen new models competing in this cutthroat contest.

Tonight, Models of the Runway will introduce us to yet another batch of hopefuls who will grace the catwalk with their presence.  But what's more interesting is what we don't see hiding behind those still faces and designer clothes.  It's a good thing Lifetime is generous with this.

This new group of models looks pretty interesting enough.  The information listed on the Lifetime website boasts of a number of quirks that these contestants might exhibit.  With such fierce competition, we can expect drama on Models of the Runway.  That is, if you haven't had enough during the Project Runway 7 premiere.

Since the models will be giving their own perspective for the competition, it really is best to get to know them.  We've put up their bios, and their past work has been featured on the Lifetime website.  In addition to that, their home visits are a treat to watch as well.

Here's a photo of the cast of the sophomore season of Models of the Runway, and you can already pick out your favorite among them.  Based on style alone I might go for the girl in plaid, except I'm not really that fond of yellow.  For obvious reasons, I see her being paired with Project Runway 7's Seth Aaron.

Anyway, Models of the Runway season 2 premieres tonight, with all the joys and drama it can muster.  While you're waiting, you can catch up on the models and read up on them here.  Don't miss Project Runway's sister show as it airs at 11pm on Lifetime.

Source: Lifetime
(Image Courtesy of Lifetime)