'Mistresses' Recap: The Ladies Show Their Weaknesses and Fears
'Mistresses' Recap: The Ladies Show Their Weaknesses and Fears
Christine Petralia
Christine Petralia
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It seems fears and weaknesses are the name of the game this week on Mistresses. Just two episodes into season two, and the women are right back into the game. Both Savi and Joss are having trouble navigating their new jobs, while Karen's past comes back to haunt her when she learns that Elizabeth Grey is up for parole. And April throws caution to the wind to enjoy herself with her new handsome stranger, but she worries it may not end well.

The Claws Come Out

Savi heads back to work part-time with Dominic as her boss. She's not thrilled that she has to share an office with a sexy new lawyer, Toni. However, Dom assures her she has nothing to worry about. That is, until Toni flirts her way into a meeting with a new hotel chain client. The firm lands the client, but he wants Toni on the team too.

In addition to flirting with clients, Toni makes her intentions known to Savi about wanting to sleep with Dom, much to her dismay. However, Savi and Dom are keeping their relationship a secret, so she can't tell Toni hands off. Instead, she confronts Dom and expresses her concerns about her trust issues because of the way their relationship started.

They, of course, make up in the end. But Toni sees them kissing in the office, so things should get interesting pretty soon.

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Joss and Harry Don't See Eye to Eye

With Harry on board as a chef for her party planning business, Joss can't wait to get started. However, Harry is one step ahead of her, booking a party with only 24 hours notice without contacting Joss first. She goes along to meet the client, who informs her that Harry has already planned the menu and that she wants an Arabian-themed event. Joss freaks out, wondering how she'll get it all done in time.

Harry bugs her all day as she tracks down everything she needs and then he yells at her that things aren't "perfect." In the end though, the client loved everything from the food, right down to all the things Joss picked up. They fight after the client leaves, but a day later they both realize they just want things to work out. They agree to be partners and not boss each other around anymore. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful business.

April's 48 Hours With Sexy Smoldering

After leaving her earring at sexy smoldering AKA Daniel's place after a one-night stand, she heads over to pick it up, despite her insecurities. They barely say two words to each other when they start hooking up. Every time she tries to leave his place though, he manages to seduce her to stay by either cooking for her or offering to "work on a piece" together --which is really just code for, "let's have sex on a canvas with paint."

When it's finally time for her to really leave to get her daughter, she divulges this information to Daniel and has convinced herself that she will never hear from him again. Much to her delight, even though she's written him off at this point, he drops off said painting at her store with a note that he can't wait to see her again. And it looks like this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Karen Must Confront Her Fears

Despite trying to move on with her life, when Karen is informed that Elizabeth Grey is up for parole and might be released from the psych facility, she starts to have panic attacks. So much so that it distracts her from her new patient.

With some convincing from Savi, Karen goes to make a statement to try to keep Elizabeth in the facility, knowing that it's the closure she will need. But before she even makes the statement, she actually sees Elizabeth in a room at the facility and has to confront her actual fear face-to-face. Seeing Elizabeth though, helps Karen move on, so much so that she doesn't even make a statement. She realized in that brief interaction that she's no longer afraid of her. In the end, Elizabeth's parole was denied and Karen decides to have patients at her home instead of at the hospital. This can only lead to trouble down the road I'm sure, as we know her track record with sleeping with clients.

I really like the Joss and Harry storyline the most. I'd like to see where that goes, plus it's nice that Joss just isn't the "whore" of the group. She's actually growing up and wants to make something of herself. I'm curious if she'll accidentally hook up with Harry --because that would make an interesting storyline.

I don't care for the Karen storyline, but I am curious as to where they will take her character this season. Perhaps she'll stop dating clients? And I like April's newfound take on life and just going with the flow -- even if she doubts herself. It makes her more real and she deserves some fun after last season.

And I truly believe that Savi should have doubts about her and Dom given their history. I know it seems cheesy, but she's right. The fact that she cheated on her husband for Dom -- and Dom didn't seem to mind -- she has every right to worry about Toni's advances toward him. I think this season of Mistresses is heating up in all the right ways.

Mistresses airs on Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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