'Mistresses' Recap: Karen's Close to Getting Her Cover Blown
'Mistresses' Recap: Karen's Close to Getting Her Cover Blown
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Mistresses' latest episode, "Breaking and Entering," sees Karen break into her dead lover's apartment, the one he kept a secret from his family. What will she find there? But more important, will someone find her?

Meanwhile, Josslyn's new boss is the complete opposite of the old one, meaning she can't string him along like a puppet because he doesn't seem to want her sexually (which really confuses her), and Savi continues to deal with her guilt.

Almost Out in the Open

Karen just can't seem to stay away from the Greys, even after all her lectures from Savi. She finally admits it's because she hasn't yet gotten over Tom. There's also a sense of betrayal because she believed all along that Tom loved her -- and not his wife -- and that he was alone when she died. Both are wrong. Was he really in love with her or is he a huge jerk for being married while having a little something on the side? How do you say no to someone who's dying?

Karen is paranoid there's something there of hers that will blow her cover. A stray bra? Some undies in the bed? When she gets there, she can't find anything (which is what Savi told her since she's a neat freak), but she does find a culinary torch, and in the kitchen, she sees herself and Tom, happy and in love as he shows her how to use the torch.

But just as she's snooping around some more, there's some rustling at the door. And it's Sam, who's come with a box of stuff. Karen does her best to stay crouched in the kitchen before finding the right time to make a beeline for the door. Except she notices her sunglasses that she took off, but now it's a lost cause because otherwise she's going to get caught.

Dom or Harry?

Savi continues to feel guilt over her one-night stand with Dom. It's consuming her, so much so that she has a dream about him where they're getting it on again. I truly thought it was just a thing she had to get out of her system, but her dreams are proving otherwise, and it looks like she's attracted to him a lot more than she thought. 

There's even a humorous moment where Harry visits Savi at work so it's the two of them and Dom all in the same room. Poor Harry's the only one who doesn't sense the tension from Savi and the smirk from Dom.

Needing to get away from Dom as much as she can, she goes to her boss about the upcoming trial that she and Dom were supposed to defend together. She gives him some crap about how the firm's busy, and one lawyer is enough with the case -- and that person is Dom.

Unfortunately, Dom shows up at her house pissed off because he was the one who was taken off the case. It seems that if the firm has one lawyer on a case, they will always go with the pretty woman. There's that "Oh crap, I forgot" look from Savi, and I don't know why she's not more angry about this. I thought court cases had to do with the facts and evidence, not the gender of the lawyer. Not cool, guys.

In the end, we finally see Savi's home pregnancy results that show she's pregnant. Not only has this storyline been so obvious (woman who can't get pregnant has one-night stand and then -- surprise! -- she's pregnant), but they've been teasing the heck out of it in previews.

Proving Her Worth with a Party

No one is more shocked than Josslyn is to see that her old boss is gone. He's been replaced by a stuffy French guy who forbids her to dress the way that she does at work -- and even questions how she got so many more properties than her co-workers and promptly gives some away. 

Furious, Josslyn believes that if she can sell the house that's been on the market forever, she'll prove her worthiness. So with Harry's help, she throws a party at this unusual house, one that's more like a playground than anything.

Her friends minus Savi show up. Karen even brings her colleague Jacob. April runs into single-dad Richard, who's there because he's a sportswriter and Lamar Odom wanted to go to a hip party. It's totally, totally random, and I half expected Khloe Kardashian's other half to have a cameo, but nope. But is that Keith Richards? Karen and Jacob try to figure it out. It could go either way.

April had told Richard earlier about her husband's illegitimate child without saying so specifically. She described it as a package from her husband's past that makes her question who he really was. Ha. Well, that scares off Richard because she clearly has baggage and, well, it seems like she's back to square one.

Josslyn's party turns out to be a hit because she gets a few offers on the house. Oh, and she'll be wearing whatever she pleases to work, she tells her boss.

"Mysterious" Sunglasses

At the party, things are going well for Karen when she gets a call from Sam. He's been in an accident and needs to be picked up at the hospital. Against her better judgment, she goes. After he thanks her and everything, he reveals that he saw a pair of sunglasses at his father's apartment and gave it to his mom -- who said that's definitely not hers, sealing the fact that he did have an affair. 

All Karen can do is look surprised as Sam thanks her again and leaves her car.

Mistresses airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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