'Mistresses' Premiere Recap: All the Sex Turns Up the Heat
'Mistresses' Premiere Recap: All the Sex Turns Up the Heat
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Sex, sex and more sex! Everyone except April is shown having sex in the series premiere of Mistresses, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have her hands full with juggling a possible love interest, her kid and her dead husband calling her on her phone from the dead.

Eye roll? Totally, but this isn't a show that should be taken very seriously, even though infidelity is a pretty serious issue. Mistresses won't win many (or any) awards -- it won't even be nominated for them. But for a summer show, it does turn up the heat. Let's take a look at the main ladies and see what the rest of the summer has in store for them.

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Savi the Mistress

She's a lawyer with a hot husband, but things aren't too hot in bed. She can't get pregnant, so they role-play to spice things up. Finally, they go see a doctor. It shouldn't be an issue of whose fault it is, but Savannah is hoping it's something wrong with her and not her husband. Because poor guy if it's his fault, right?

Well, that's what it turns out to be because his goods are no good. So he turns angry and distant, pushing Savi away -- and right into the arms of her hot colleague.

Previews already show where the storyline goes (and where I'd imagine you already figured out). She tells him they can no longer see each other, but then she's becomes pregnant. Who's the father? I'm thinking that it'll just be a false alarm rather than her actually carrying a child, but she'll freak out in the meantime to offer the drama.

The best part is how April and Karen both respond with, "Oh my god!" but their tone is completely different. April's is one of happiness, while Karen's is of dread because she knows that it could be her co-worker's.

Karen the Mistress

Karen's a therapist and also becomes a mistress. (In fact, it takes the show 40 minutes for someone -- Karen -- to utter the word). She only starts hooking up with her patient because he's dying and just had to tell her. I guess her question is: how can you deny a dying man's wish to sleep with you?

So they spend some happy moments together. Then he dies, and his son wants to turn to the woman who saw him regularly, and that's Karen. And one other thing: he knew his father was having an affair.

At first, she's torn. She wants to tell the son, Sam, that she's the mistress, thinking that might offer some closure. But logical-minded Savi is firm when she tells her that she needs to cut ties with the family because it's a malpractice lawsuit just waiting to happen if anyone ever finds out.

Karen thought she was really in love, but in the end, the guy chose his wife over Karen. Karen thought the man died alone, but he was actually with his wife. That, coupled with Savi's advice, leads her to shred the morphine prescriptions and delete some of his files off her computer.

It's good timing because Savi's law firm -- the same firm that the man was a founding partner of -- has taken on the family's insurance case, and there's going to be some investigation into his death.

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April, Not the Mistress

April's not a mistress, which feels like it's a bit of cheating. But her husband did have a mistress, so that counts. 

She's been mourning her husband's death and is unable to move on. Especially because she's been getting these phone calls where no one speaks on the other line. She believes it's a sign from her husband, even though she doesn't believe it's actually him. Since, you know, he's dead. 

I mean ... people believe in spirits and everything, but I'm positive that no one has ever said their loved one's spirits ever dialed up their phone. Don't think that's how that works. Anyway, it's just April's excuse not to move on, even when there's a perfectly good-looking man who asks her out. 

The first time they're supposed to go out, Karen shows up in tears before confessing. (Savi and Joss are already there helping her pick out her outfit. How Karen even knew they were all there, I don't know.) 

With Savi's legal help, they trace where the calls were coming from and show up at a motel door. The woman gives some casual answer about her son having an infatuation with phones.

So the second time April is supposed to go out, the woman from the motel is at her door, saying before she wasn't expecting April so she didn't know how to tell her -- not only was she in love with her husband, but she was pregnant. And she's with the cutest little toddler.

Well, it's safe to say that April won't be going on any dates any time soon. 

Joss May Be a Mistress

Joss, a real estate broker, doesn't have much going on of importance in the premiere. She has sex with her boss, who in turn puts an offer on a house that she listed on the market. At least she's smart enough to not take the house since it will just be a place where he can go to at any time to get what he wants.

Then she's introduced to a lesbian couple who can't seem to pull the trigger on all the perfectly fine homes they are shown. 

In the previews for the season, it sort of looks like she starts hooking up with one of the women, but I don't know if that couple is still together or apart at that time. Judging by the show, I'm assuming she'll be a mistress. 

It's awesome seeing Alyssa Milano back on television, and Sun from Lost, although I kept thinking, "Where's Jack?!" All the characters have good chemistry -- the acting is surprisingly a lot better than I expected it to be.

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