Miami Social: Cast Weighs in on Hardy and Trixia's Relationship
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Hardy and Trixia have been dating for six years now but hearing her biological clock ticking on Tuesday's episode of Miami Social has suddenly put a lot of pressure on Hardy, who is struggling to balance his career and the pressures of the nightlife with the thought of settling down with the right woman. Miami Social has only aired two episodes so far but viewers, as well as their co-stars, are quick to observe that their relationship is clearly heading downhill. 

"Hardy lying to Trixia, saying he loves her." ---This is one of the bad signs Maria noticed on this week's episode of Miami Social. "Remember the scene where he converses with George about love, marriage, etc. (such a regular thing for guys to talk over the beer. NOT!). In the commentary he says: "I want to be married to someone because I love them, not because I feel trapped). Hello! He just said he DOES NOT LOVE HER! I can't help but ask, WHY stay in relationship for 6 years if you know you don't love the person?"

Tired of waiting for a ring, Trixia tells Hardy that she wants to have a baby in 'Single in Sobe." Unfortunately, Hardy doesn't respond well to the pressure.  

"Their relationship doesn't seem to be one of sharing and giving to each other. One of the main issues is Trixia wanting to have a baby as she feels she's getting older and may be running out of time. Hardy feels that having a child would make him feel trapped. People who love each other and want to spend a lifetime together would normally want children. Trixia wants a child for the wrong reason and Hardy doesn't want a child also for the wrong reason. In my opinion they're the wrong people for each other. In order for them to succeed there has to be a major change in attitude and thinking for the both of them or find some one else. The main thing in a relationship other than sex is the ability to be unselfish and sharing," Ariel wrote on his blog.

Is this just another hurdle in Hardy and Trixia's relationship? Or is this something that can never be resolved?

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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