Miami Ink: Updates on the Ink Masters Plus Spoilers for the Upcoming Episodes
Miami Ink: Updates on the Ink Masters Plus Spoilers for the Upcoming Episodes
We've seen how the men of Miami Ink have evolved through the seasons, and today, we're about to take a closer look into the lives of the ink men who have made our primetime viewing even more colorful.  We've already seen Kat Von D's departure from the series, and how the guys dealt with it.  A couple of months ago, there was a controversy linking Kat Von D to a photo with an obscene message which she allegedly wrote for Miami Ink artist, Ami James.  In response, Ami wrote a long entry in his MySpace blog, giving thanks to those who continually supported Miami Ink, and retaliation on Kat Von D's claims that the signature and note on the photo were forged.

"There is no sense in hindsight now.  It's out there and it's irrefutable.  I have nothing to defend against or apologize for," Ami James wrote.  "Kat Von D's denial and defense attacks me, and also those around me for lack of a valid defense.  Had she truly been innocent of such deplorable acts, it would be evident in her message on MySpace.  Her suggesting the document is a forgery, then proceeding to shift the blame is-to quote her-'truly a sad attempt.'"

Nonetheless, the show must go on, and it did well after Kat Von D's departure.  In fact, the boys have been very successful since then, acquiring more customers and opening their doors to avid fans and customers.

The boys have been very busy with not just their shop, but their family and personal affairs as well.  In fact, one Miami Ink artist has welcomed his baby boy earlier this year.  Thirty-six-year-old Darren Brass' wife, Talea has recently given birth to their first baby, whom they named Cassius Aveory.

Chris Nunez, on the other hand, is set to head to Canada for an appearance at the Tribe Hyperclub in Montreal.  He will be at the club on Saturday, May 3.  Reality stars who have graced the venue include Paris Hilton and Tila Tequila.

The fourth season of Miami Ink continues to hit the airwaves, with a brand new episode airing tomorrow night at 10pm on TLC.  Entitled "Make or Break," the episode will follow the Miami Ink boys as they handle all the stress and chaos of the job.  Moreover, Ami and Nunez plan for a new shop, as Darren surprises them with his return from an extended trip out for his family.

On May 1, the episode entitled "We are Family" will feature Dre as she struggles to pass her certification test to be the shop's manager.  Darren, on the other hand has fallen madly in love, as he faces some major life changes.

"Tim's Pinups" will air on May 8, and will focus on Yoji Hirada, whose married life seems to be getting the best of him.  As a good friend, Ami helps him out by babysitting Syd for a day, while Yoji takes the time out to bond with his wife, Bridgett.

On May 16, "House Hunting" will feature Yoji as he struggles to deal with a nasty skin condition, which needs medical attention.  Chris Garver tries to help, but his condition really needs professional help.  Meanwhile, a weird odor spreads in the shop, and the guys leave the cleaning job to Baby Dre.

Catch Miami Ink on TLC every Thursday night at 10pm.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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