Melissa Joan Hart: What to Expect on 'Melissa & Joey' Return
Melissa Joan Hart: What to Expect on 'Melissa & Joey' Return
Even though we know her best as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Melissa Joan Hart continues to bring something magical to ABC Family's Melissa & Joey. This time however, she's grown up and forced to be a responsible (albeit still wacky) adult. 

Melissa Joan Hart dished on details during a recent Q&A session, where she discussed several aspects of Melissa & Joey and what she hopes to see on the show. 

On her character:

"My first real sitcom adult role -- I just wanted it to be something fun and cool and not to prove that I didn't have to be the straight man in order to be the lead of a show.  I wanted to be able to be silly and wacky.  I really admired Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character on Old Christine. That was sort of a character that I wanted to watch, so that's sort of where it came from."

Romance between Mel and Joe?

"There's a lot of that in almost every episode and you'll see a lot of each of us getting jealous of the other with whoever they're dating at the time, but we question, should I be dating him or should I be dating her? But I think each time they realize that they have a relationship already in place and they can tread there.  

So, you'll see a little bit of that flirtation and a little bit of that curiosity that I think you get when you're single and have a person in your life of the opposite sex that's close to you. You always kind of question is this the right person for me, so you'll see a lot of that. But we don't really want to -- we want to stay away from that, all of us I think, the network, the writers, Joey and I because unless we can do it in a really smart way, I think it's toxic to a show to actually get the lead characters together."

Her dream scene:

"I'm waiting for the moment when Lennox and I are walking down the hall with each of us is sneaking in late from a date and kind of both of us going 'Shh'... That's sort of a moment I'm waiting for, but we have a few of those similarities but not quite that scene yet but that's something I'd like.  

The future of Melissa & Joey:

"Joey and I -- our storylines get interesting because we do sort of a flirt but also avoid each other and have our bickering moments, constantly. You'll see the relationship develop with our kids and then with each other and them and their high school. The show really comes into its own in the second half of the season."

Speaking of which, don't miss the premiere of an all-new Melissa & Joey episode tonight, June 29 at 8pm on ABC Family. Check out the trailer below:

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