'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Final Three Revealed
'The Biggest Loser' Recap: Final Three Revealed
One might be tempted to look at this week's episode being sandwiched between last week's real-life drama and next week's finale, and think that it is destined to disappoint. However, there is the intrigue of which vanquished contestant will come back and claim a chance to win $500,000. But how will viewers respond to the comeback of contestants that so many of them haven't missed at all?

The ascot is not catching on, Adrian. Stop it.

First, let's give some credit to a couple of our commenters last week that rightly wondered if Jeremy would abstain from trying to get back in the game given how he previously cried foul. Spoiler alert: of course he doesn't. And to top things off, Conda is still beating the drum that Jeremy had already earned a spot in the finals.

Meanwhile, Allison lays out the rules of who's getting back in the game. Starting with Jeremy, each contestant will take to the scales and the eight people with the most percentage of weight loss will remain. Another update on hypocrisy comes in the form of Chism, who seems to have none of his dad's qualms about trying to get back in the game. Unsurprisingly, the majority of the eight remaining come out of the recent castoffs. But there are two standouts from the early weeks, Mike and Lauren, the latter of which I honestly do not remember in the slightest, despite her staying for three weeks.

Deja Vu All Over Again

In an homage to week one, the Losers vying for the final spot in the finale, line up to run a sprint. But rather than the incredibly pedestrian 40 yard dash they did back then, tonight they have to run a slightly less comical 100 yards. Chris is medically unable to run even for the 15 seconds needed to go this distance, so her journey ends then and there. This seems like something they probably could have informed her about before ever including her in the final eight, but why bother quibbling, we've come so far. Emily and Kimmy come in last and are eliminated.

The next step is a puzzle involving calorie counts and weighted bricks. Mike and Jeremy are the first two to clinch their spot in the next heat, which leaves a three-way-race between Megan, Cassandra and Lauren. After a commercial break, we learn that Lauren is on her way to the final round and has a 33% shot at being in the finale. The final phase of the challenge is an endurance test to hold on to a literal ticket suspended over their heads. It drags on long enough that they have to up the stakes to using only one hand, then standing on one foot. At the 2 hour, 35 minute mark, Lauren faints to the mat. Mike and Jeremy carry on for almost another full hour before Mike finally has to succumb and place his other foot down.

Jeremy Survives

"This is the most triumphant moment of my life." This quote from Jeremy should symbolize to him how ridiculously idiotic the stand they all took last week, because he is now the exact embodiment of what he had previously deemed unfair. He shows no sign of regret or the slightest inkling that he's not going to accept his spot in the final though. Color me shocked.

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