'White Collar' Season 3 Preview Guide: Still Choosing Sides
'White Collar' Season 3 Preview Guide: Still Choosing Sides
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When we last saw White Collar, Neal was forced to choose a side as Mozzie gave him an ultimatum to leave town with him (and the treasure) or stay in town and continue working with Peter. Neal opted to stay but was clever enough to devise a plan to replace the Degras with a forgery, ultimately dissolving any connection to Neal, Mozzie and the treasure. Unfortunately, his actions prompted a desperate Keller to kidnap Elizabeth.

What to Expect from White Collar Season 3

Several cliffhangers are expected to be resolved when White Collar returns for the second half of its third season. Can Mozzie really leave Neal behind? Will Neal get caught with the treasure? More importantly, what will happen to Elizabeth? Check out these speculations.

Meanwhile, those questions are just the tip of the iceberg. New episodes of White Collar season 3 will also tap on the possibility of Neal being a free man, as well as his tainted relationship with Peter. 

"Oh, we're definitely on the outs," Matt Bomer tells Entertainment Weekly. "When we come back in January, it's really the most fraught with tension their relationship has ever been. It even gets physical at one point. But in typical Neal and Peter fashion, they find a way to work together and sort of make amends, only to have the tension re-created, I assure you. That's the natural cycle of their relationship, it seems." 

White Collar returns on January 17 at 10/9c on USA Network. For now, enjoy these videos!

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