Masters of Horror: "Dream Cruise" Review
For all you horror lovers, Dread Central has provided us with a review of the latest installment in Showtime's Masters of Horror series. The episode, entitled "Dream Cruise", was directed by Japan's Norio Tsurata (Ring 0) and stars Ryo Ishabashi. It follows an unlucky American lawyer who falls in love with his most valued client's wife, and reluctantly goes on an ocean cruise with them despite the fact he is terrified of the sea. Here is an excerpt from the review:
That's right, folks, it's Ju-On meets "Days of Our Lives" on a boat. Given the wealth of talent involved, there's simply no excuse for material this generic, and it's even more confounding that it comes from a show known for breaking the rules. There's nary a moment that isn't telegraphed well in advance, and the final cornball twist is something you'll more than likely predict just by reading this review. Masters of Horror: "Dream Cruise" Review