'MasterChef' Recap: Revenge of the Fallen
'MasterChef' Recap: Revenge of the Fallen
Though the pressure on the prospective MasterChefs has steadily increased over the past few weeks, tonight every one of them gets the night off: the eight most recently eliminated contestants return, and they are the ones competing for an open space in the MasterChef competition. Each rejected contestant gets to pick one ingredient for a special, custom mystery box.

The mystery box itself is something of a mess, featuring such disparate ingredients as pork chops, chocolate, condensed milk and portobello mushrooms. In spite of this, the discarded contestants are decidedly motivated: nearly all of their dishes are personal bests.

Tali, Tanya, Anna and Scott are the first four sent home. Cowboy Mike and Stacey join them, leaving Ryan and Josh to go head to head in a fruit tart competition. The judges cede their power for this round, allowing the six primary finalists to decide the winner based on a blind taste test.

As the challenge begins, Josh is far more confident than the typically cocky Ryan, who has never made a tart before. As the challenge progresses, however, Josh begins to fall behind. They both finish in the final moments allotted, presenting polished dishes of comparable aesthetic value.

The contestants/temporary judges are generally complimentary toward both tarts, but the ultimate decision is unanimous: Josh's more exotic tropical fruit concoction is the winner, while Ryan goes home once again.

There can be little doubt that Josh deserves a place in this competition. He's demonstrated excellent culinary instincts and strong dedication; the only question at this point is whether he'll fall victim to another jarringly specific challenge once again.

As for Ryan, what else is there to say about the guy? He immediately fell back into the smack talk, corniness and immaturity that made him such a compellingly loathsome character the first time around. Elevate on, you magnificent bastard.

Ted Kindig
Contributing Writer

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