Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Gordon Ramsey has trained and tortured chefs to become the best that they can be on Hell's Kitchen, he's exposed viewers to the world of food preparation and celebrity food fads on The F Word, and has rescued failing restaurants on Kitchen Nightmares. Now he's on a new mission to turn non-professional chefs into kitchen superstars with his new series, Masterchef.

Based on the British program, Masterchef is a competition series that gives ordinary people who can cook well, despite never having been formally trained, to shine in their own right. Contestants on this show will be put through various challenges and will be judged by world-renowned chefs.

"Gordon Ramsay is the biggest cooking star on television today and one of the most dynamic personalities on FOX, so we jumped at the opportunity to work with him to bring Masterchef to the U.S.," FOX president Mike Darnell said in a statement. "Masterchef searches for people who possess that perfect blend of creativity, innovation and passion for creating great dishes - rather than focusing on running a kitchen - that earns them the title of MasterChef."

However, these everyday at-home cooks will also have to deal with Chef Ramsay's hard truth and no-nonsense advice when it comes to their cooking, which can be a little hard to swallow considering Ramsay is known for his explosive outbursts

Masterchef premieres on Tuesday, July 27 on FOX.