'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: Skye-Fall
'Agents of SHIELD' Agent of the Week: Skye-Fall
Bill King
Bill King
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We're three episodes in to the first season of Agents of SHIELD, and we've highlighted a different non-superhero each week.

In the pilot, everyone took a backseat to the technical brilliance of Leo Fitz (assisted by Jemma Simmons), while the last episode was an ode de triumph to the ninja badassery of Melinda May. Both, of course, barely beat out Agent Phil Coulson, who arguably deserves the award every week for basically just being awesome.

But in the end, "The Asset" was a quintuple entendre that was all about one person.

Take a Backseat, Please

This episode was a major letdown for Agent May, who had little to no role in the operation to save Dr. Franklin Hill (Asset Interpretation No. 1) from the clutches of Ian Quinn and the elusive Gravitonium. 

She reiterated her intention to remain out of field work, and her request was granted. So she stood on the sidelines wishing she was part of the fray, then vowed at the end of the mission that she wants to be back out there. If it's not fun for us, it's not fun for her.

Likewise, Agent Grant Ward did little to be considered for the award, though he did give a teensie bit of insight into his past. He had an abusive older brother, so he learned how to be a vicious robot killer by defending himself and his little brother from the cake-induced wrath of BroZilla. Kinda weak, but it resonated with Skye.

Ehhhhh, Maybe Next Time

FitzSimmons did some cool techno stuff, and Fitz earned a bit of consideration for his awkward "boobs" line, but this was more about back-end hacking for the scientist duo. Sure, they identified the element and disabled the force field with a wireless compact, but even Ward could've pieced together the Gravitonium-sized breadcrumbs linking Dr. Hill and Quinn. They were almost entirely out of the action for this one.

More Silver Medals Than the United States

That heading is a bit misleading, because while the US has the most second-place finishes in Olympic history, we also have the most golds. But don't worry, sir, you'll get there.

Agent Phil Coulson, leader of the crew, came up just short, even though I debated it until the end. I mean, he joined the operation to save his old friend, even though he recently died once and nearly died on two other occasions. 

Then it was up to him to talk Dr. Hill out of his for-the-better-good suicide mission. When that proved unlikely, with the room literally turned upside-down, he made the call to shoot out the floor. 

And he did it when Hill was in the perfect position to drop right into the center of the spinning orb without hitting any of the rings.

And he did it not knowing what would happen if he sent the doctor careening into the Gravitonium. For all he knew, it could've ended the world. No guts, no glory. 

Still, he made a slight miscalculation by trying to stash the machine away in some basement instead of destroying it, in part because there is now a super villain forming inside of it. 

And the Award Goes To...

It's hard to deny that this week's episode was all about Skye (Asset Interpretation No. 2) proving her worth and loyalty to the team. 

The Marvel Universe's favorite new orphan stepped up when SHIELD needed a mole, made use of her hacking skills to score an evite to Quinn's party and then packed up Asset Interpretation No's. 3, 4 and 5 (even though we got jipped on asset 3 or 5, depending on your preference) into a sexy little cocktail dress. 

She used sweet talking, quick thinking and, well, her boobs (thanks, Fitzy!) to keep Quinn off balance and get close enough to let the real muscle into the compound and (sort of?) save the doctor. 

And after her first solo mission, Skye is ready to stop hitting the boxing bag like she's a drunk sorority chick trying to clean up vomit and start pounding it like Fred Thompson pounds a hot ketchup and cracker sandwich. Welcome to the team, Agent Skye! (And thank you, Google, for that bizarre, yet fitting, reference.)

You can watch Agents of SHIELD every Tuesday at 8pm on ABC. 

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