'Manhattan' Interview: Tragedy 'Amps Up the Level of Paranoia'
'Manhattan' Interview: Tragedy 'Amps Up the Level of Paranoia'
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
When Manhattan episode 2, "The Prisoner's Dilemma," ended, it was clear the situation on The Hill would never be the same. Los Alamos was a community that thrived despite the secrecy and mistrust that pervaded the community. How would the death of one of their own change that?

While visiting the Manhattan set, I asked Michael Chernus (Louis 'Fritz' Fedowitz), Alexia Fast (Callie Winter) and Eddie Shin (Sid Liao) about Sid's action, how his death would affect his team and the community, and what it was like to film that scene.

When Sid took the documents, he did it out of a desire to help his family rather than with any malicious intent. He was young and naive. Shin explained, "He's more of an idiot than a villain. He didn't really think things through and play it through to the end."

Sid's situation was awful and it was something he never even considered, Shin elaborated, "It was dark. It was bleak, especially in the head space you're in. Obviously, Sid, that's the last place he-- the last sequence of events that he expects to be happening to him. 

Regardless of his intent, Sid's action and his death will have a profound affect on others and the mood at Los Alamos.

"It's really going to change everything. Sid was an integral part of the team and it's a huge loss," said Chernus. "It just amps up the level of paranoia and fear and could I be next. And is there a spy among us? It changes the atmosphere entirely."

Check out the full video interview, which includes Shin explaining filming his final scene.

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