'Man Up' Season 1 Preview Guide: Man Up or Down?
'Man Up' Season 1 Preview Guide: Man Up or Down?
Man Up is a new ABC comedy-drama about what it really means to have the determination and motivation to connect with our roots. Man Up season 1 introduces us to three men: Craig (Christopher Moynihan), Will (Mather Zickel) and Kenny (Dan Fogler). All have lost touch with what they believe it truly means to be a man by way of the many distractions and luxuries of modern life: wives, kids, suburbia and, most importantly, playing Call of Duty like it's your job on Xbox with your buddies.

What to Expect from Man Up Season 1

My philosophy has generally always been stick with what you know, and ABC knows drama much better than they do comedy. Man Up season 1 will take a stab at making viewers laugh, but hopes for the follow-through are not too high. Boasting no well-known strong comedic talent in the writers department, this show is suggesting signs towards the classic case of a very misleading trailer. The trailer is, after all, absolutely hysterical, but my gut tells me that most of the funny moments were packed into the two-minute clip.

On Man Up season 1, the men will try and connect with their true nature, as they slowly start to realize how very un-manly they have managed to become. Highlights for the season include various shenanigans that the trio will take on together, such as crashing Craig's ex's wedding, and facing the 'real' man that Kenny's wife Brenda (Amanda Detmer) left him for.

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So why give Man Up a chance? The show's director is Beth McCarthy-Miller, who was a long-time director for Saturday Night Live. Who knows? Her vision may surprise us and take the network's comedy efforts to new heights.

ABC tends to be a network with mostly female viewers. Man Up is one step towards their attempt to even out the playing field. So, all you manly men out there, tune in to ABC October 18 at 8:30pm for the series premiere.

Alyssa Stein
Contributing Writer

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