Season 2 of 'Making the Band 4' Sealed with a Kiss and Details for 'Making the Band 5'
Season 2 of 'Making the Band 4' Sealed with a Kiss and Details for 'Making the Band 5'
Last night, season 2 of Making the Band 4 came to a close via a two-hour finale complete with live performances from Danity Kane, Day26 and Donnie J, as well as a major announcement courtesy of Diddy.  To recap the premise for the just-concluded second season, the members of Danity Kane from Making the Band 3 and the boys from Making the Band 4's first season, were all thrust under one roof to cohabit with each other while completing their own respective albums.  Near the start of the season, Diddy finally christened the all-male quintet winner from season 1, naming the group, Day26.

Read on for highlights of last night's Making the Band 4 second season wrap-up courtesy of The Young, Black & Fabulous or YBF.

Last night's master of ceremonies for Making the Band 4's second season finale was Sway, who did a decent job of looking back on all the entanglements that have transpired in the house.  Of course, the roundup would have been empty if he hadn't asked the cast to provide the latest updates on the relationships.

When it was Dawn's turn to shed light on her romance with Q from Day26, the Danity Kane gal turned beet red while groping for words.  Naturally, Q came to the rescue saying “I want to claim Dawn,” before proceeding to get up and plant a big one on his lady love.  Meanwhile, in other romance-related fare, Robert's infamous Junebug made a cameo to clarify that, she and Robert were never married despite her earlier claims to the contrary on her MySpace page.

Diddy, who brought along his brood including twins D'Lila Star and Jessie James, finally made his big-ass announcement about taking everyone from Making the Band 4 season 2 on a nationwide tour as the focus of Making the Band 5.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: The Young, Black & Fabulous
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