Dawn and Aubrey of Danity Kane on 'Making the Band 4' and their New Album
Dawn and Aubrey of Danity Kane on 'Making the Band 4' and their New Album
Last week, we brought you Danity Kane member, Wanita Denise Woodgette, better known as D. Woods' account of life within the fishbowl world of Making the Band 4 season 2.  This time we have some of the other girls from Danity Kane talking about the sophomore offering of Making the Band, as well as their upcoming second album, Damaged.

Dawn Richard and Aubrey O'Day spoke to Chronic Magazine about what viewers can expect from them in this current season of Making the Band and what Danity Kane hopes to accomplish with its new body of work.

“You'll see Danity Kane arguing and fighting for what we believe in and hopefully you will love the product,” Dawn offered.  “We wanted to prove [ourselves] to people.  Even though you saw us, we weren't really giving it to you last album and we've come into our own now.

“[We worked with] Brian Cox, Scott Storch, the Runners, The Stereotypes, Danja,” Aubrey added.  “We're coming into ourselves on this record.  We got to write on the album as well and we are so excited to get it out there.”

“For us it was making sure our creative views were taken seriously,” Dawn also quipped when asked what their mission was on their second album entitled Damaged.  “As artists it's hard to get your view and your creative process taken seriously.  In the end, [Diddy] respected our vision and we finally got it across. We have a great album now, but it was hard to get everyone on the page that we were on.

With the success of the group's debut album, which reached platinum status, the girls were thrust under the ensuing media scrutiny that exposed even their most personal struggles.

“Its unfortunate that we've had to go through struggles, but we don't look at them as our downfall, we look at all of them as things that have given us strength and character,” Aubrey remarked about life in the limelight.  “We're women and we're honest about our struggles and we had a situation where we were built on a rocky foundation and we had to get it right.  So, as with anything in life, you have to rebuild, start over, start from scratch.  You've got to know exactly what you're working with and standing on and we're really the truth.  We don't hide anything from the media or from each other and we're girls - girls struggle and they get through things and were definitely a clear example of women who put music and the power of what women can do before any ego or pride.”

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Chronic Magazine
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