Make Me A Supermodel: Finale Live Thoughts (Page 3/3)
Make Me A Supermodel: Finale Live Thoughts (Page 3/3)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV

Still, let me not get ahead of myself, we still have a catwalk in our future and as we all know (think Salome) a runway performance can make or break a model on this show.

During the commercial break, we learn that this season's fan favorite (and winner of $10,000) is: Jonathan! Not a huge surprise, though I thought that Colin might have a shot. Congratulations to Jonathan and his family, hopefully that will help out with finances a bit.

For their last catwalk, the models will be doing two looks: fun and fabulous. The first look will be high fashion with over-sized patterns and print, it's a bit wild, but Nicole cautions "not too wild." For their second look it's all sleek well-tailored suits by Ben Sherman.

And wowza, they were not kidding about the wild over-sized patterns. It's plaids and polka dots and all kinds of craziness. Sandhurst says it's hitting them he's going to win, which is usually a kiss of death for a reality contestant.

It's runway time:

Branden's first walk, with his signature smirk, is fun but not too crazy.

Jonathan is up next,and holy bow ties and polka dots! He's going for a cheeky smirk on his face, and wants the judges to see he is owning it. And he is.

Last is Sandhurst who is a bow-tied Matador. Seriously his top half is a Matador jacket covered in white bow-ties. His walk, as always, is awesome with just the right amount of playfulness.

And now for the models suited looks:

Jonathan is first and looks like James Bond's sidekick. His walk is strong, but slightly awkward and forgettable.

Branden is next and he is looking better than ever on the runway. Relaxed, yet refined.

Lastly is Sandhurst, who fills out that suit perfectly. He speeds through his walk a bit, but carries himself with the grace and elegance we've come to expect.

Now it's time for judging, the normal judges (Marlon, Jenny, Perou, and Catharine) are joined by Matthew Rolston, who's as big a name as you can get in fashion and celebrity photography.

The judges say that Jonathan's first runway walk was perfect, and that the second one sealed the idea that "He's Got It." Matthew Rolston is impressed with Jonathan's portfolio, but none of the judges are thrilled with his full body shot. (Me neither judges!!)

Next is Branden and even Perou is complimenting Branden, saying his new photos are exciting. Matthew Rolston says that Branden's latest photos are magazine ready and that he has a very unique quality. Branden and the judges commiserate over his cocky spell, and then Catherine Malandrino brings the tear jerker asking Branden if it was hard growing up without a fahter. No Catherine, it was awesome growing up without a father! When Branden breaks down and excuses himself for a minute, Sandhurst and Jonathan go to the rescue and tell him "We are doing this, we are doing this together." Branden regroups and tells the judges that his Mamma did a great job, but he's ready to spread his wings and fly. (Branden makes us cry count: 3)

Lastly it's Sandhurst. The judges loved his first catwalk, but they weren't as crazy about his second walk, especially his final pose. Perou says that Sandhurst's Polaroid put all worries about his accountant face to rest. Perou says his face is beautiful. Sandhurst tells the judges that he's here to win it, and that if he doesn't, it's not going to be because he didn't try.

Perou, in a moment of humanity, says that it's going to be a very very tough decision and that whoever wins, to know that it was an incredibly close and difficult decision. Cory tells the boys that New York Model Management would be happy to represent all of them.

Judges' Final Deliberation:

Perou says the first time he saw Sandhurst he thought he was going to win. Marlon says that he's not sure that Branden is ready yet, while Catherine Malandrino thinks this is just the beginning of a successful career. The judges all speak of what a sure bet that Jonathan is, but that he's kind of just another good looking guy in his photos. Marlon says if they came in with his books, he'd pick Jonathan. Perou says he'd pick Sandhurst. While guest judge Matthew Rolston says he's all about Branden.

And it's decision time guys, god even I have butterflies in my stomach!!!

Tyson has the model's portfolios and it's time to learn the winner of Season Two of Make Me A Supermodel.

Jonathan, you have a great look and the most consistent portfolio, and I'm sorry but WE CAN'T MAKE YOU A SUPERMODEL!?! Wow. You guys are about to revolt in the street.

So the final two is Branden and Sandhurst. Didn't see that one coming.

Branden, we CAN make you a Supermodel!! Wow. Definitely didn't see that one coming.

Sandhurst, as always is a gracious class act, and I have no doubt that he will do great things. As Sandhurst points out, "Jennifer Hudson didn't win American Idol and she won an Oscar."

Branden is gobsmacked, and truthfully so are we.

Or as Branden says:  "I'm so excited to start my career as a Supermodel. A FREAKIN' Supermodel!!"

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--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer