Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 6 Recap (Page 1/2)
Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 6 Recap (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
After last week's hot and steamy photo shoot, it was time for the remaining Supermodel hopefuls to cool off this week with an underwater photo shoot. But before the models take a dip in the pool, there is some serious celebrating going on over CJ's dismissal. It seems everyone is glad that CJ was sent home over Gabriel, most especially Amanda and Gabriel himself. Amanda is just glad she has another week to explore her budding romance with Gabriel, while Gabriel is just excited he gets to show off his smarmy attitude for another week. When discussing CJ, Gabe mockingly says, "We really treasured her, she's going to be missed. I'm just kidding she's not going to be missed." Guess what Gabriel? Other than Amanda, no one's going to miss you when you're gone either.

After gloating about CJ, the models receive an email about their next photo shoot. It says the shoot will be about submerging themselves in the photo and facing their biggest fears. The models quickly deduce they'll be having an underwater photo shoot. This thrills Sandhurst, who is positive his Island boy heritage means this is the perfect photo shoot for him. Salome, on the other hand, is petrified about the shoot. It turns out that "facing your biggest fears" line was meant especially for Salome, who can't swim. This seems cruel and unfair to me, unless the rest of the photo shoots are somehow going to involve the remaining models biggest fears. Afraid of heights? You'll be posing on top of skyscraper. Don't like snakes? Guess what you'll be wearing when you strut down the runway...the latest in Cobra fashion!

The models arrive at the pool on just about the last day you'd want to do a photo shoot underwater, it's cold and gray. The models are introduced to the photographer, who specializes in underwater photo shoots, and they're told they won't just be posing underwater--they'll be posing underwater with nets. If Salome wasn't petrified before, she is now. While Salome seems genuinely worried about drowning in a tangled, fashionable net; the rest of the Supermodel wannabes are just glad that Salome will likely struggle this week. Well, everyone but Sandhurst, who is showing his total good guy side by trying to coach Salome on how to swim and feel confident in the water. Say it with me now America, awwwww.

Though the models will be posing underwater, they won't be in swimsuits. The girls are posing in gowns and the guys are posing underwater in suits. Branden and Colin are thrilled they won't be in Speedos, while I'm admittedly a little sad they'll be covered up. Jonathan is up first (or, would it be under?) and the photographer tells him to be wild, crazy, and out of control under the water. As usual, Jonathan does amazing, even flipping himself upside down underwater for the photographer. The photographer thought Jonathan was fearless and looked good underwater. Of course he looks good underwater, that guy is verging on God status. Next up is Sandhurst and the photographer asks for him to portray a sense of determination underwater. Sandhurst thinks this shot was made for him, and he might be right. Amanda's the first girl in the water and the photographer wants physical energy and animation from her, instead she looks like a drowning fish. It is not good.

The 21-year-old-virgin is up next and he is stoked on the photo shoot, he thinks it's the coolest shoot so far. With how well Colin performed, he might want to consider doing more underwater shoots, for the first week he excelled. Mountaha is up next and she's not letting her poor performance last week get to her. Mountaha is striking some serious poses underwater and the photographer says she was "surprisingly great," with a natural sex appeal. Branden, the new found ego-maniac, is up next. The photographer wants bubbles all around Branden and tells him to do nothing with his face and just pose. Branden is thrilled with this, saying, "All I had to do was look pretty, that's what I do best bitch." Hello cocky attitude, you are not as cute as you think you are. Kerryn handles the water well and elicits a "bravo" from the photographer.

It's time for Salome to face her fears and get in the water. Salome is facing her biggest fears like a champion, with great determination. When the photographer offers her a handle to hold on to, Salome refuses saying, "this is an underwater photo shoot." Despite her confidence, Salome still almost drowns. When she's attempting to surface after her first attempt at an under water photo, she reaches for the pool deck and misses. As she struggles to surface, Bravo cuts to commercial, damn you Bravo! Of course Salome doesn't drown and she manages to submerge herself a few more times and gets a great photo. Gabe is up next and the photographer is the next person to be unimpressed with him, he has the same complaint that everyone's had about Gabe, he portrays no emotion. Laury is up next and she struggles with the same thing under water as she does above it: her face. Laury's features are almost too strong and she needs to learn how to soften her face and eyes. Last but not least is Jordan, who is continuing her streak as this season's "it girl." The photographer says that Jordan is effortless and amazing.

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