Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 4 Recap (Page 1/2)
Make Me A Supermodel: Episode 4 Recap (Page 1/2)
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Make Me A Supermodel is turning out to be quite a battle this season. Each week, someone new shows that they too have what it takes to succeed in the competition. Though the girls have been dominating this season's go-see and runway challenges, the guys really stepped it up in this week's episode and proved they won't be making it easy for the girls to get win back-to-back seasons. I guarantee you right now the guy's mantra is: "it's not how you start, it's how you finish." The guys may have started out weak, but they are coming back with a vengeance.

But I don't want to get ahead of myself. This week's episode started off with a note from Tyson telling the guys he'd been called to a last minute gig in London and that a mystery male model would be mentoring them this week. While I was hoping it might be one of male models from the first season of Make Me A Supermodel, but Nicole introduced Michael Bergin instead. Apparently Michael Bergin is best known for filling Calvin Klein's white boxers after Mark Wahlberg decided he was done being an underwear model. He was also on Baywatch. He is not nearly as handsome as Tyson Beckford, but then again, who is?

For this week's photo shoot, the models will be posing with someone they know very well. This strikes a wave of fear into the supermodels that they'll be doing another group photo shoot or that their moms will be showing up, but instead they are posing with...themselves. Photographer Indira Cesarine says she wants this to be a very intimate photo shoot, with lots of emotion. She wants the "photo to a show a window into the model's soul," which let's be honest, is a good thing for some of the models and not so good for others. I mean, who really wants a window into Gabriel's soul? I imagine that window is very, very dark. There's another twist to this week's photo shoot challenge; this week there will be two winners chosen by the photographer. And these two winners will be sent to an extra special go-see: a chance to walk in Montreal's Fashion Week.

Jonathan is up first to photograph this week. Jonathan wants to win this week and as we know, he deserves to. Jonathan in a hall of mirrors is incredibly hot, one Jonathan is gorgeous and room full of Jonathan is almost too hot to handle. Sandhurst is up next and posing with the mirror brings up some surprising self-confidence issues for the Trinidadian stunner. Sandhurst says he's awkward connecting with himself and that he "has problems with his reflection." If someone who looks like Sandhurst has a problem with his reflection, is there any hope for the rest of us? Sandhurst looks handsome in his final photo, but it conveys no emotion. Gabriel is trying too hard to be James Dean and the photographer is not feeling it. She's not the only one, Gabriel isn't feeling the photo shoot either. He says he's bad at showing his emotion and that definitely ends up hurting his final photo.

CJ is up next and as usual, she is having a hard time stepping outside the box. While I understand CJ's conundrum, I'm not too fond of making an idiot of myself either, I'm not the one trying to be a supermodel. CJ needs to get over her nerves and learn to let loose, it will greatly improve her photos. When Branden looks into the mirror, he sees a dual image of his absent father and the man he dreamed of becoming. When Branden was a little boy he dreamed of becoming a firefighter, so the photographer asks Branden to use the strength of a firefighter for inspiration. It must have worked, because Branden's photo is amazing. Slap some brand name on it and it could be an ad campaign tomorrow. Laury is up next and her over-confidence is starting to get on my nerves. The thing I loved about Laury was her personality and she's lost it in a haze of bitchiness. Laury's body language is super strong in her photo, but her face is still weak and conveyed very little emotion.

After starting out strong, Salome is worried about being in the bottom two and it affects her performance. She does manage to get a great photo out of it, which conveyed the surreal confusion Salome must be feeling in her life, but it feels like she lucked into it rather than working for it. Jordan is all about strength and intensity and she tries to convince the photographer to go with that, but the photographer says "no, I want emotion." This completely freaks Jordan out and for the first time in the season, she seriously struggles. Have we found Jordan's weak point? The perpetual virgin is next and he is getting better every week. Colin walks in and takes charge of the photo shoot, in his own awkward little way. Next up is Colin's likely de-flowerer, Kerryn. Unfortunately for Kerryn, she looses all confidence when she looks in the mirror. Luckily, she has immunity.

Indira (the photographer) wants Mountaha to be less punk and more feminine in her shot. Though this is way outside of her comfort zone, Mountaha cleans up beautifully and kills it. She looks stunning and the photographer seems completely charmed by Mountaha. I kind of am too. It's Shawns turn with the photographer, who tells Shawn to give everything. Unfortunately for Shawn "giving his everything" makes him clench his jaw so tightly that a vein pops out and he makes some strange sex/constipation noise to show his intensity. It was incredibly uncomfortable to watch on television, so I can't imagine what it was like photograph. Last but not least, is Amanda. Amanda is feeling sad and has lots of intense emotions being a single mother away from her infant son, she is ready to rock a seriously sad shoot. Already on the verge of tears, the photographer tells Amanda she'd like her emotion to be joy and for Amanda do dance with herself. This is definitely not what Amanda wants to do, but she gets it done. Amanda does some half angry dance which doesn't look like it would work, but resulted in a Heidi Klum looking photo.

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