Exclusive Interview: Sandhurst of Make Me A Supermodel
Exclusive Interview: Sandhurst of Make Me A Supermodel
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with Sandhurst Tacama, the runner-up of Make Me A Supermodel. During my talk with Sandhurst, his larger than life personality and awesome Tobagan accent were on full display, as we chatted about his love of the runway, his favorite photo, the ironic way he came to be on the show, and how he read BuddyTV's Make Me A Supermodel coverage all season.

Throughout his time on Make Me A Supermodel, Sandhurst ruled the runway, with a dancer's grace and performer's ease. Though he occasionally struggled with the sample sizes and his thunda thighs, Sandhurst impressed the judges with his statuesque physique, winning personality, and week-to-week improvement. Going into the finale with winning momentum, Sandhurst thought he had won Make Me A Supermodel, and truthfully so did we. While he didn't walk away the winner, Sandhurst is confident big things will still come from his time on Make Me A Supermodel, and again, so are we.

Be sure to listen to my full interview with Sandhurst, where we chat about how his Dad signed up for Facebook just to stalk his Make Me A Supermodel journey and Sandhurst tackles a question from BuddyTV's Twitter:

On The Ironic Way he Discovered Make Me A Supermodel:

I got the courage to go the agencies in January. And the first agency I went to was New York Model Management. And this was January of 2008. And they told me politely, no thank you. And I left the office and as I was coming out of the building, a bus passed by with Make Me A Supermodel Season 1, you know January 10th. And I was like, oh my god a new modeling show is coming up, why not, you know let's see where it goes. I just wanted to watch it and see if it was interesting.

And as I was watching the season I got really excited about it. I thought it was a really incredible competition. The fact that guys were involved, it changed the dynamic of the reality show modeling competition. And I said, you know what, if they have a second season, I'm so trying out for it. So lo and behold they did, and eight cuts later I made it to the final 16.

On his Single Track, Thunda Thighs:

Oh god, that was created out of trying to diffuse a little situation. I was really trying on the pants and the stylist looked at me like "Mmmmmm....I wonder how we are going to grease this one into these pants." So I was trying to, you know, the lighten the mood. And I just remembered that Thunder Cats song and I was like, okay, let's have fun with this. But I don't think I have any other songs about myself, other than those two just yet. But I'm working on my album.

On his Favorite Photo and Photo Shoot From his time on Make Me A Supermodel:

I had a favorite photo and I had a favorite photo shoot. My favorite photo was my nude shot. I love that picture. You know i feel like it was the first picture that was like "Oh my God, this is like WOW from Sandhurst." But definitely the fire shot, the fire photo shoot, that entire thing was a great experience for me. I actually like watching the footage of it, because it looks like a scene out of a movie, you know? It really looks like this maniacal villain just tormenting the world. And I loved it because it showed me that I could do more than just standing and taking a regular shot.

It seemed like you really let loose and channeled a character in that shoot:

Definitely. Definitely. Because after that whole your face is an accountant thing, I was like Okay, I'm done, I'm done. I'm just going to go and do what I want to do.

On his Favorite Catwalk Performance this Season:

Oh, runways. I loved the runway, I'm a performer. Because of the whole performing on stage since I was like 5, it's easy for me to do runway and be in the spotlight like that. My favorite runway would have to be...oh god, which one wasn't my favorite runway? That's a better question. Favorite catwalk was Beautiful Freaks, I loved Beautiful Freaks. I loved the "cross-dressing" one, where we had to don the kilt like clothing, that one I thought was a really strong walk for me. Other than that, they were all really good and really fun.

Standing on the runway in the finale, did you think you had won? Were you shocked to hear Branden's name?

Okay, I had thought I had one. Definitely going into that final week, I mean, I had tied for the most wins for weekly wins with Jonathan at 3 each. But unlike Jonathan, I had made the Top 3 11 out of 13 weeks, you know, that's a huge number compared to the next person, you know. So by the time we got to the final week and  final catwalk, I really was like I think I have proven that I was one of the top people in this competition, throughout the entire thing. Maybe I had some off weeks, but I was one of the top even though. So when we got there, I really was thinking "Yeah Sandhurst, you've already won this."

But, Branden performed excellent in that final. Excellent in that final week! And his pictures were insanely good, so I see what happened. I see how the judges felt and why the decision kind of went in his favor. I'm still confused, you know, I'm still confused. But I will leave it at that. I think Branden, I think we all deserved it. We were all three completely different models, so we all deserved it no one more than the other. However, I would say Branden needed it a little bit more than the rest of us.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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