Exclusive Interview: Karen of Make Me A Supermodel
Exclusive Interview: Karen of Make Me A Supermodel
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting with Karen the latest contestant eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel. Karen and I talked about her time in the model house, being a triplet, and how the girls are totally kicking butt this season on Make Me A Supermodel.

This is Abbey from BuddyTV and this morning I’m speaking with Karen from Make Me a Supermodel. How are you doing this morning, Karen?

Hi, I’m doing real well. How are you?

I’m good, thank you. So how was it watching yourself on TV?

It was actually really hard watching yourself on TV. You’re really nervous so when it actually plays out you’re like “Oh my gosh. I didn’t know I said that” or “I didn’t know I was lookin' like that.” So it’s kind of nerve wracking watching yourself on TV. People always say it’s hard hearing yourself on a voice recording or a message but it’s ten times worse watching yourself. With the weeks it kind of got easier and easier, but it was still kind of nerve wracking.

I hate listening to my voice. I can’t imagine watching myself on TV! Especially last night on the end of your runway pose when you didn’t realize you were making kind of intense eyes, was that hard to watch?

Yeah, they kept showing that clip where my eyes were really wide and I was like “Oh my gosh, could they just please stop showing that over and over?”

Oh no! How did you get onto Make Me a Supermodel?

Basically, I saw that there was an audition for it online. I think it was on Craigslist and saw an audition notice for it. So it was a good opportunity to kind of jump start my modeling career. It was a good opportunity so I applied for it, sent pictures. They liked my pictures, so I got in.

You’re a triplet, correct?

I’m a triplet.

Do you have brothers or sisters?

I have sisters.

So have you all thought of doing a kind of a triplet modeling gig with all three of you?

We have. We have. Ever since we were little, we’ve kind of wanted to do triplet modeling on the cover of magazines and this and that. But I think when my sisters got older their dreams kind of fizzled. I don’t think they wanted it as much as I do, but it’s something I always knew would be an exciting career, where you could travel and meet people. That’s something that I always wanted to do. But when we were younger, my sisters kind of wanted to do it too and then with age it wasn’t as exciting or appealing to them anymore. So they went down the straight and narrow, 9-5 course of the world.

So what was life in the Supermodel house like? Were there people that you loved or people that you hated?

In the house it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be. Everyone was pretty friendly. When it’s time to go to sleep, some people want to stay up and party, so sometimes it got a little noisy. But Chris was someone who I really bonded with and had a good time with. And Laury and Colin, because we all shared a room together. We had one of the coolest rooms cause it was kind of off in the back a little bit and it was a less trafficked area. Girls and guys living together - it was kind of like a sorority or something because there were so many people, so many personalities. It was definitely a new experience and I’m always open to meeting new people and trying new things.

What was your favorite runway show that you did?

My favorite photo shoot was the candy photo shoot, where I was covered in chocolate. I just had a good time with it. It was really simple. Really easy. That was just super fun and super cool to get up like that and have the chocolate on me. My favorite runway challenge was the one I did with Jonathan, where we had to use the candy as props towards the end of the runway. That was really exciting. Everyone was nervous about having to walk with someone, but I thought it just added more fun and excitement to the challenge.

That was my favorite runway walk. I thought what you guys did at the end was so creative and worked really well. That was my favorite runway walk of the season so far, by far.

Oh, thank you.

What would your perfect modeling job be? If you could walk on anyone's runway or do an editorial shoot for someone?

Actually, I’m more interested in modeling and print work more so than the runway. I think my favorite modeling job would be something where I get to travel to a beautiful beach and water and get to spend a little time on a yacht or something. It’s not really any particular person I want to work with or photographer, but just being able to get away and relax and enjoy the beautiful sun somewhere far from here. Well, there is beautiful beaches here in California but anytime we get to travel and work and get paid for it, it’s fun.

Well, yeah, sounds like a very good part of the deal. So you’re living in California now and not Mississippi?

That’s correct.

So you’re living in LA or somewhere to try to get closer to the business?

Oh yeah. I’m still here in LA. I basically just came back and I’m out here trying to make it, trying to get myself exposure and market myself and use what I learned from the show and take that to my experiences, knowing that I have to stand out, knowing that I have to show my personality more and let people inside and let them know who I am. It not just makes me a more appealing person but also for a better presentation. People always want to work with friendly people and happy people.

I imagine there aren’t a lot of high fashion jobs down in Mississippi.

No, nothing to talk about.

It’s a nice part of the world but it isn’t very fashionable.

It isn’t very fashionable. When I first moved myself to California to get into more print work and modeling work my family was like "Girl, are you crazy? That’s such an unstable career.” But you’ve gotta kinda live on the edge and go for what’s comfortable and what you want to do. I think it’ll always work out.

So now that you’re out of the competition who do you want to win?

Now that I’m out of the competition, two people that really stood out to me were Jordan, of course, and Laury. They were both pretty serious. Both them had a lot of modeling experience before so they so they kinda knew the ropes a little bit. They know their angles. They know how to walk. They know how to give a little show on the runway. So Jordan or Laury are two strong competitors that I’d be rooting for.

Yeah, it looks like the girls are kinda kicking butt this year so far.

They are. They are and I’m so proud of them.

--Interview Conducted by Abbey Simmons
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