Exclusive Interview: Colin from Make Me Supermodel
Exclusive Interview: Colin from Make Me Supermodel
Abbey Simmons
Abbey Simmons
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Recently, I had the nerve-wracking pleasure of chatting with Colin, the latest contestant to be eliminated from Make Me A Supermodel and my unabashed reality TV crush.

Talking with Colin only reaffirmed why he was a fan favorite this season: he's witty, self-effacing, earnest, charming, and adorably nerdy. Also, he looks like Clark Kent's more handsome twin brother. Colin amiably chatted with me about his closest friends in the house ("The Giants"), his flirtation and friendship with Kerryn, his growing self-confidence, if he is in fact the smelly culprit of the last episode, and what's next for him. Of course, I had to ask Colin about being America's hottest 21-year-old virgin, and if he took Tyson's last words of advice to heart. If you had a crush on Colin before, get ready to swoon, America...I certainly did!

This is Abbey with BuddyTV and I'm speaking with Colin from Make Me A Supermodel. How are you doing today Colin?

I'm doing well, thanks for asking.

How did you come to be on Make Me A Supermodel?

It was something I hadn't really planned on. I knew there was a casting for Make Me A Supermodel and I knew I wanted to model between potentially graduating and medical school. And I had a friend who happened to be going to New York City the weekend of casting and he asked if I wanted to come along. And I said that I would. But I didn't really have nay idea that I would actually make it on. It really fell into place and just worked out beautifully.

Was there anything in particular that inspired you try out for the show? It seems a far cry from Carleton College and neuroscience.

Increasingly, after I graduated from high school and as I started actually stopped looking like a small child, people started telling me "Oh you look like a model." And when I'd be shopping in stores people would be like, "Oh are you a model who is just here to draw people in?" And I be like, "No, I'm just a dude shopping. Why would you think that?"

And, I have a huge soft side for reality TV. I've watched every episode of America's Next Top Model, though I probably shouldn't say that. But during the first season someone said "Oh wow, there are guys on this show too. And it actually looks professional. You should totally do this next season." And I kind of laughed it off, but definitely tucked it away in the back of my mind. Because I wasn't going to tell anyone that I was actually planning on modeling. I felt like in the academic world I would have been ridiculed or looked at oddly.

What was life like in the Supermodel house?

It was both non-stop excitement and totally dull, depending on what was going on in any given day.  The cast bonded so quickly, we got along for the most part really really well and we had a lot of fun together. But, when there is not anything to do in the house except sit around and talk about each other, things can get a little tense. It was more fun than anything though.

Who were your closest friends in the house?

I like to think I got along with almost everyone in the house. But Branden, Sandhurst, and I were the three giants in the house. So we formed an alliance pretty quickly. Even during the cast episode when we saw that the three of us were towering above everyone, we decided to stick together. We became real close.

Was it more surreal to watch Make Me A Supermodel or to live it?

I was surprised at how not surreal it was when we were filming. Actually being on set and being filmed, it was very much just living your life. You quickly forget the cameras are there. And you're in a ridiculous situation but, it feels real. This is what you are doing from day to day and that's what you are there to do.

Watching it later was a little weird. Just because I was so nervous about a lot of different things being put on the show. You know, things I said in interviews, because there is so much content they got from all of us. And actually seeing how much they had to trim down and what they chose to include was, interesting. I thought I might be more weirded out by it, but it was fun.

So a big part of the story line that Bravo decided to focus on with you was your virginity, possibly losing your virginity, and Kerryn. Did you think they focused too much on your virginity?

Um, I never really thought my virginity was a big deal. Kerryn and I just had a lot of fun on set and I guess people decided to edit that to make it look very serious. I knew that would be a part of my character, because that's kind of weird right?

It's Unique.

Yes, unique. And in the very first round of casting it came up, so I knew it was part of the motivating factor for me being there. I hadn't seen a lot of virgins on reality television, so I thought, you know what, I'll be that guy. But, you know, I'm more than just a virgin. There are other aspects of me that I would've liked to have been included. But if I'm going to be remembered for one thing, and that's my virginity....No, I guess I'm not really happy with that. But whatever, that's fine.

Yeah it seemed they could have steered towards the fact you are super smart and kind of nerdy, and that's also unique in the fashion industry.

Yeah, i definitely thought they were going to play me off more as the nerd than the virgin. But, 'eh I guess if you read the bio on Bravo then you knew that I was a nerd.

So do you feel that they played up the romance and flirtation with Kerryn instead of the close friendship you had?

No, I mean there definitely was a lot of flirting there. We had a lot of fun. But the fact that we did get along really well in a non-sexual way as well, I would have like to have been featured more.

When I interviewed Kerryn last week, she said she was trying to prepare you for becoming a sexual icon. So, what has it been like going from  21 year-old handsome guy on campus to being a sex symbol in a matter of weeks?

Um, you know sitting here in Northfield, Minnesota I can't really pick up on all these brainwaves that I perceive teenage girls are sending out to me. I'm very much just a student here going about my day to day life. But once I get out of here, the show gave me a lot of self-confidence that I feel like I will need to not collapse under the sexual pressure that is now being put on me. Hopefully.

Wait, hopefully sexual pressure will be put on you? Or hopefully you won't collapse?

Both. Yeah, both. If people are seeing me as a sex symbol, I am going to need the confidence to support that. And I feel like Kerryn helped, the show helped, and I feel like I'm going to make it. I'm not going to be totally awkward every time a girl looks at me now.

Even if she's a 15 year old model in Quebec?

Hey! That was...I did not know she was 16 when that conversation started. I talked to more girls backstage too, I'm not a total cradle robber.

Do people recognize you? Do women swoon on the street for you?

Northfield isn't really the kind of town where there are a bevy of women swooning. The most I get recognized is, today, actually like 10 minutes ago, when I was walking to my apartment my landlord ran out of the store below and asked "what happened last night?" That's about as recognized as I get. You know, on campus I get some lingering glances and every now and then at  a party I'll see someone across the room taking a cell phone picture of me.  And that's like,  "Dude, hey come over and talk to me. I'm a student here with you too." But I haven't really felt like a Northfield celebrity or anything of that sort.

You seemed to be a fan favorite this season, do you think your fate on Make Me A Supermodel would have been different if the fans had been voting?

Yeah, I feel like the voting would have helped me in a couple ways. I mean, I won "Supermodel of the Week" last week, when I was in the bottom four and Salome won and she came in second. Clearly, I had fan support. Which I didn't really anticipate or expect. And I feel like that would have helped prolong by stay on the competition, but I also think it would have helped my confidence at the time.

You know, after the fact, I'm learning oh wow, people like me. But I can't go back in time and apply that confidence that I'm getting when I needed it most, which was months ago.

What was your favorite photo shoot this season?

Good question. As much as people might not believe it, it's between two. First off, the underwater shoot, because Howard (the photographer) was a lot of fun. Just the coolest and nicest guy. And being underwater in a 90 degree pool in 30 degree weather. We had a lot of fun on set that day. But also, the 60's shoot. It didn't come across, but Kerryn and I had a lot of fun together on set. We were just jumping around and dancing, and having a great time. The chemistry was there, and we had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed that shoot, which I wasn't supposed to have, which I learned now.

What was your favorite runway challenge?

I mean, runway, clearly I had an issue with that. Actually, the one I was eliminated on. I really liked my outfit, I felt like everything about my look, the Ralph Lauren look, works for me. Knowing that I had a terrible picture, I just put a ton of pressure on myself to perform in front of the judges. I've never considered myself an anxious person or someone who stresses out, but that week I just crumbled on the runway. And as much as I loved my clothes, and I felt great in it, under the clothes I was not doing well.

During your athletic runway walk, I think I spotted an Ultimate Frisbee pose on the end of the runway...

Oh sweet, you did! A couple of people on line were asking what I was doing, if it was a tennis pose, but no it was an Ultimate pose. I was just hucking it at the end there and that was definitely a big shout out to the Carleton Ultimate Frisbee team. That was basically a big shout out to everyone at home.

What was the most memorable moment that we didn't see on TV, other than everything, that we didn't see on Make Me A Supermodel?

The first thing that came to mind, because it's from the most recent moment is the smell. I am NOT THE SMELLY GUY. I've always gotten compliments on my smell, I'm practically pre-pubescent, I don't sweat. It wasn't me! It was the camera guy and ultimately we figured it out. And I ended up breaking the fourth wall and looking at the camera and like blaming it on the viewers at home. But I knew that there was no way that I was not going to get pegged for that. But I am not the smelly guy.

Who did you feel was your biggest supporter out of the judges?

Well, I know Perou didn't like me. But the judge that was the most consistently supportive of me was Catherine Malindrino. She has a beautiful accent and she said the most lovely and poetic things about me. I was enraptured with her accent and she's someone I'd like to work with.

But also, the guest judge in the last episode, Harry Josh, what didn't make the episode is he said I was the prettiest one on stage. Top three or bottom three. And that my look was the best and that kind of blew my mind. Even though I went home after that, that someone who had cast a Marc Jacobs show said that I was the prettiest one even over the person who won, was amazing.

So, what's harder Colin, neuroscience or modeling?

The easy answer, is neuroscience. I mean I've been studying it for a couple of years, there is so much more there is so much to know about neuroscience, it's just a daunting task. But which am I better at? That would also be neuroscience.

Which field are you pursuing now, modeling or neuroscience?

I'm back in school now, I'm over loading this term and I'm actually graduating in June. And the moment after I graduate I plan on moving to New York and pursuing modeling, which I think is going to come as a big surprise to everyone who liked me as a character, but not a model. Because I feel like I can do this and its something that I really want to do. And I'm really just beginning when it comes to that and it's something I want to pursue as long as I can.

What's your dream modeling job?

I've been told I have a Prada face. So landing a Prada campaign would be beautiful. So hey Prada...look me up. Or from the last runway, Ralph Lauren, also. So two lofty goals.

Were you relieved that you missed next week's naked photo shoot?

Um, I feel like people who knew that I was a virgin may misconstrue me as sexually uncomfortable, which I guess I didn't do anything to dispel, but no I'd be totally fine with being naked. I mean, Carleton is known for it's streaking. I really wouldn't have a problem with it at all. Clearly there would have been nerves, having Tyson look at my junk. But I would have been fine with it in theory.

Now that you are gone, who is your favorite to win Make Me A Supermodel?

I have to throw my support behind one of the guys. Not that I am totally sexist or anything, but this is a guy's season. You know if one of the giant wins, all the power to the tall guys. If they could change the industry and let tall guys work more, that would really benefit me. So Sandhurst Braden, take me to the top with your height.

And if I had to pick one, it's a close call, but I would say I would like Sandhurst to win. I'm going to get on my soapbox for a second. You know, this is like a post-Obama world and not a post-race world at all. If Sandhurst won, I feel like he would do great things. And recently the industry has been changing and diversifying and I think that Sandhurst would be a natural figure to win that kind of change.

So, I hate to ask this, but did you take Tyson's last words of advice for you to heart? (Go home and get laid)

Oh, I knew that this was going to be asked! Um, at some point I should probably stop answering this question. Because like every girl who sees me on the street, I can't have them know from week-to-week what my virginity status is.

You should keep a blog about it.

Oh I should. Colin's Virginity Watch. No, I have not taken his advice.

Actually I feel kind of bad, I've gotten a lot of message from Christian supporters who are like "Thank you so much for saving yourself for marriage and you're setting a great example." But honestly, I don't want to deceive anyone, that's never really been behind my delay. I just kind of want to be in a stable relationship when I loose it and I haven't had time to be in relationship basically. Now that it's spring term of my senior year, the show, and trying to get in this world, it's taken up a lot of time. So I haven't gotten in a relationship and it hasn't happened.

I'm not really okay with the kind of pressure now that is on me, or that I have put on myself, so you know I might slip up. Ugh, er, um... Oh god, clearly, I am not okay talking about this. I just my thoughts were ahead of my words. I mean, no it hasn't happened. Just put that in.

--Abbey Simmons, BuddyTV Staff Writer

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