Make It or Break It: Previewing Midseason Finale "All That Glitters"
Make It or Break It: Previewing Midseason Finale "All That Glitters"
For some reason, there was this oddly funny moment when the Rock girls decided to finally clear the air--nine episodes overdue!--on last week's Make It or Break It.  It took a couple of car keys being thrown to the stream, and only then did they all talk about cortisone shots, shared boyfriends and addicted mothers.  And then, turns out, Emily threw Kaylie's house keys rather than her car keys--and Lauren's got a spare car key somewhere.  So much for trusting each other.

But hey, it's the Nationals, and on Make It or Break It's midseason finale tonight, the biggest questions are up in the air.  It took the four so long to get past their differences and actually work together for a common goal.  The obvious question is, will they actually make it?  Or did the off-mat drama distract all of them and get in the way of their performances?  Nobody surely knows, but judging from the pretty sappy ending in the last episode, it seems they're ready to do just that, unless someone pulls something off.

It could happen, because we still have ten episodes to go.  This is supposed to be the season finale, in case you haven't heard, but its success led to ten more episodes being ordered, which will air in the winter.  So the Nationals isn't exactly where it'll end--something else is bound to happen, somewhere in the end.  Maybe the Olympics?  At least you've been warned.

So, now that the secrets have been revealed and everybody's working nicely, will it work?  Payson's back pains are still there, and so is her determination.  Kaylie's torn between Carter and her dreams.  Lauren's setting herself up for a drop in the rankings, and Emily--oh, Emily, you're the leader of the pack now, sure, but it's bound to feel weird, right?

Make It or Break It airs tonight from 9pm on ABC Family, but if you're in the mood to watch everything all over again, a marathon of the first nine episodes will air starting at 11am today.

- Henrik Batallones, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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