'Mad Men' Recap: Betty Has A Tumor!
'Mad Men' Recap: Betty Has A Tumor!
I was glad to see Betty back in this episode of Mad Men. January Jones was very pregnant during the filming, so the writers came up with a thyroid condition for Betty to explain the weight gain. Rather than the real belly lump, there's a thyroid lump in Betty's storyline and I loved Jones' acting tonight as Betty waits to see if the tumor is malignant or benign. She really made the show for me!

Losing Her Zip

Betty is all glammed up in pearls and makeup ready to go out for the evening with Henry. The only problem is neither she nor Sally can zip up her dress. Feeling like a big, tired fatso, Betty climbs into bed, still dressed, and tells Henry she can't go out because of a "woman thing." Ahhh, I long for the days when all a girl had to do is to mention something about "women's troubles" and it was enough said!

Feeling Zippy

In stark contrast, young, skinny Megan is effortlessly zipped into her dress by Don. Don and Megan have dinner with the Heinz client and his wife. Oh, how they like cheery French Canadian Megan and her toothy smile. But then the client tells Don he wants him to get the Rolling Stones to sing "Heinz is on My Side" rather than "Time is on My Side" for a commercial. Oh, is that all you want?

"Someone With a Penis"

Roger continues to crack me up even if he is sexist. The Mohawk Airlines people want to come back to Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce if they have a good, steady copywriter working on their account. Sigh, because it has to be a man. Yay, because Peggy at least gets to hire this male. She picks Micheal Ginsberg who is obnoxious at first, but then manages to impress everyone.

Cue the Emmy!

In my favorite scene of this whole Mad Men episode, Betty panics after leaving the doctor's office after being told that she has a thyroid tumor. It's all on January Jones' face -- how your life would change in an instant if you had cancer and what about her three children ... Betty can't get a hold of Henry, so she calls Don. I love the telephone exchange, as he is concerned about her and offers to take the kids if it will help.

Betty is a Rock

At one of her trips to the hospital to attend to the tumor problem, Betty meets an old friend who has cancer. They go out for lunch and a fortune teller named Cecilia reads Betty's tea leaves. She tells Betty there are many people who love and count on her as she's a "rock" and Betty becomes emotional at this.

They Can't Get No Satisfaction

They try and they try and they try ... but Don and Harry can't get backstage to speak with the manager of The Rolling Stones. Well, Harry does get back there with a young groupie girl, but he doesn't get to talk to anyone, really. Harry takes a few tokes of the girl's marijuana joint, but Don sticks to his cigarette. After, Harry has the munchies and snarfs down burgers in the car while Don just wants to drive home after this failure of a night.

Good News!

Betty and Henry are sitting on the couch watching TV. One phone rings and it's a business call for Henry. Another phone rings -- how many phones do they have in one room? -- and it's the doctor. Yay! Betty's tumor is benign!

In Other News...

Pete holds a big staff meeting to unveil a little model plane to say they have Mohawk Airlines -- well, that he got them back and he did everything. Roger can't stand Pete and I don't like him much, either. Roger goes off to pout and Don follows and shuts him up by blurting out, "Betty has cancer." Don calls Betty and Henry tells Don she's okay now. Don is relieved. We get to see the new copywriter, Michael, in his home a bit with his dad, who says a Jewish prayer to him.

I really loved this episode! What did you think?

Sheri Stirrs
Contributing Writer

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