Where is Frank Lapidus in the 'Lost' Altverse?
Where is Frank Lapidus in the 'Lost' Altverse?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The final season of Lost features 15 series regulars, and thanks to the arrival of Ilana Verdansky as Desmond's lawyer and the executor of Christian Shephard's estate, almost all of them have shown up in the flash-sideways.  Obviously Richard Alpert isn't there because, more likely than not, he died with the Island.

But other than him, the only person we haven't seen is Frank Lapidus.  To say the Ajira pilot is being underused on Lost is an understatement.  Since crashing on the Island with the rest of Ajira 316, Lapidus has been a glorified extra, walking around with the survivors and occasionally adding a clever quip or two.

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As far as I can tell, there are only two possible explanations.  The first is that the writers have no clue what to do with him, but they can't kill him off because they centered a story arc around flying off the Island, so they need a pilot.  The second theory is that they're saving him for something big.

I have my doubts that Lapidus will ever become a key figure on Lost (there are only five hours left, and I doubt one will be Frank-centric).  On the Island, his purpose is to fly the plane, so as long as Ajira 316 is not blown up, he should be safe, according to Island Logic which dictates that you will be alive for as long as you're useful.

In the altverse, however, it's a bit more open-ended.  Will we see Frank hanging out with his buddy Seth Norris (Greg Grunberg), the man who took over flying Oceanic 815?  Will Frank once again be in charge of flying a plane that carries many of the survivors?

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And is Frank Lapidus connected to anyone?  "The Last Recruit" saw almost all of the characters coming together, from James and Miles arresting Kate and Sayid to Ilana and Desmond reuniting Claire and Jack to Sun and Locke being rushed to the same hospital at the same time.  With the powers of fate pushing them together, it stands to reason that Lapidus would be pushed toward them as well.

My main hope is that he does play a major role in the endgame of Lost.  Since he first arrived, Jeff Fahey has added a surreal presence to the show, providing clever quips whenever necessary to lighten the tension.  I just hope he's more than window dressing, because right now Frank Lapidus is a lot like Charlie's peanut butter: great in theory, but nonexistent in reality.

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