Reader Reactions: Who Should Kate End Up With?
Reader Reactions: Who Should Kate End Up With?
Out of all of the things I've written about Lost, I've rarely seen such a passionate response as I did to the question of which man Kate (Evangeline Lilly) should eventually end up with.  BuddyTV readers came out in droves to root for either Sawyer or Jack, and though I admittedly didn't expect there to be many Jack and Kate fans, I was proven wrong.  The "Jaters" are quite the passionate group, and they made their voices heard with an abundance of comments.  However, when the results of our Sawyer versus Jack poll came in, 61 percent of voters thought that Kate should end up with the bad boy ex-con.  Out of nearly 1800 votes, only 33 percent of readers voted for the good doctor.

Though the Jack (Matthew Fox) lovers may not have won the vote, they were very vocal about their desire to see him end up with Kate.  Idlewild03 thought that the article seemed a little "Skater" friendly, saying "What a wonderfully biased article.  Pray tell how did you manage to conclude that Jaters are in minority?  They are always neck to neck on all the major Lost sites but I guess your perspective is a little skewed.  Anyways Jack and Kate all the way.  Not a fan of pity sex, jealous sex or uncomfortable sex."

Idlewild03 certainly wasn't the only one voting for Jack.  breet says, "All the polls (& proxy's) in the world won't change the fact that in the end Kate will end up with Jack.  Sawyer and Kate were over before they even began."

However, for every passionate response from Jack fans, Sawyer (Josh Holloway) supporters stepped up with their own comments.  "Sawyer and Kate are in love" veritas says.  "The story supports this, and Carlton Cuse DID say as much on the DVD commentary for 'I Do'.  Interesting title for an episode in which they finally consummated their relationship, don't you think?  Anyway, I just love these two together, and hope that Kate does end up with Sawyer in the end.  They just seem so meant to be together, like soul mates."

320sycamore agreed wholeheartedly, saying "Sawyer, obviously.  It's where the story is going, and it just makes darn good sense.  He's the only person she can be herself around, and not a Stepford Wife.  This is a relationship built on equality, passion and unconditional love.  I've never seen a more compelling, exciting and romantic love story on TV."

Of course, some people don't care at all who Kate ends up with, which is why five percent of voters chose "Neither" on our poll.  gewher says, "Kate is my least favorite character on the island.  I think Sawyer is going to end up not changing his stripes and letting people in, because he doesn't think he can.  And I also think that Jack is way too good for Kate.  What I really hope is that Jack will find some simple happiness with a girl who has fewer issues (I guess it'll have to be off island) since he has quite a few already."

truthishere wishes the love triangle would just go away so fans could start focusing on other aspects of the series.  "I detest the triangle and I'm fed up with people who try to teach each other what chemistry, love is," she says.  "I'm fed up with shippers who think that their couple is the best.  All that matters for you is who gets the girl.  Chemistry can go to hell.  What about the quality of the story?"

As for those who rallied against the article due to my preference for Kate and Sawyer, I was simply expressing my opinion.  I'm a big fan of Jack as well, and certainly wouldn't throw my Lost DVDs out the window if he ended up with Kate, but I find the "Skate" combination more exciting to watch.  I think Jack and Kate are a bit boring together, and that's an opinion I'm sticking with until the bitter end.

However, ultimately my opinion doesn't matter.  I want to know the opinions of our readers.  Was it a fluke that Sawyer led the way with 61 percent of the vote?  Make your voices heard, and ultimately remember that it's not up to any of us to decide who ends up with who, but the brilliant writers behind-the-scenes.  Eventually they'll settle this debate once and for all.

- Don Williams, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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