Preview of 'Lost' Episode 4.8, "Meet Kevin Johnson"
Preview of 'Lost' Episode 4.8, "Meet Kevin Johnson"
Michael was probably one of my least favorite characters during the first two seasons of Lost.  He started off as judgmental and quick to anger, which was slightly bothersome, then became known for screaming Walt's name at the top of his lungs, which made him unbearable.  By the time he shot two women, betrayed everyone, and took off on a raft, I was relieved not to see or hear him any longer.

That's why it's somewhat surprising that I'm looking forward to Thursday's "Meet Kevin Johnson" more than I've anticipated any episode of Lost since "The Constant."  I'm dying to see what Michael (Harold Perrineau) experienced during his time away from the island, and I have faith that his character will be far less annoying than he was previously.  To get ready for tomorrow night's final pre-hiatus outing, we have some promo pictures and an exclusive clip from the episode.

Though I enjoy the quieter, more character driven episodes of Lost such as "Ji Yeon" or "The Other Woman," I really get pumped for the ones that deliver new mythology and answer old questions.  I want to know if Michael made it home, how he made it on the freighter, what happened to Walt, and what sort of deal he made with Ben (Michael Emerson) back in season 2.  Hopefully we'll get all of those answers tomorrow night.

Unfortunately for us, "Meet Kevin Johnson" was the final Lost episode completed before the writers' strike.  This means that we'll have to wait about five weeks before episode nine airs.  Before we worry about that, check out the promo pics and the advance clip from tomorrow night's episode.

Here we see Michael looking at a case filled with. . .what, exactly?  The worried expression on his face, coupled with what looks like wires in the case, make me wonder if it's a bomb.  However, I could be totally wrong and it's just a case filled with DHARMA candy bars.

Harold Perrineau

Another worried expression, and this time it comes courtesy of a tiny scroll that must have an interesting message on it.

Harold Perrineau

Check out the clip from the episode below:

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